Sunday, 28 February 2016

VBA2C The one with the birth plan

If you have been following my pregnancy you will know that I am hoping to have a VBA2C even after my confusing consultant appointment this week. So today's post is the one with the birth plan. The NHS website now has an area dedicated to helping you write a birth plan which is useful if feeling overwhelmed.

Now I know as well as anyone that birth plans are funny things, they can completely go out of the window either through necessity or because once in labour you find you simply change your mind. However I have found thinking about my birth plan has made me consider what is really important to me and I wanted to have those things written down, it isn't a huge list, just things that I want known.

Birth Partner

Phil to stay with me during labour and birth.

Labour and birth

  • I want to keep active during labour and go with what my body tells me. I would like the option of a birthing ball/beanbags.
  • I would like baby straight onto me for skin to skin, I am happy to wait for weighing etc. 
  • I would like to delay clamping of the cord once clamped Phil is to cut the cord.
  • Once cord is clamped I would like the injection to help deliver the placenta.
  • I would like baby to have the Vitamin K injection.

Pain relief 

  • I would like no or minimal pain relief ideally, gas and air to start. I am happy to be flexible on this depending on how I am coping with labour and how long I am labouring for. 
  • I would like to avoid epidural if possible.


  • I am planning on breastfeeding and would like to try baby on the breast as soon as possible. 
  • I am hoping to have a supply of harvested colostrumnon standby if needed. 
  • No formula to be given without permission from myself or Phil.


  • If I am unable to have immediate skin to skin, Phil will do this instead. Baby is then to come to me as soon as possible before any other visitors. 

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