Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel

When I post about Lush products it is usually bath products,  I am definitely a bath girl but of course showers are far more practical.

I know there are thousands of posts about the amazing Snow Fairy Shower Gel and I know it is out of season right now but as I received a couple of bottles over Christmas I saved some and am using it now so I couldn't resist a quick rave about it.
Lush snow fairy

There is a reason this product is loved by so many and keeps coming back year after year. Firstly is how pretty it is, a gorgeous candy pink shower gel with iridescent glitter running through it. Not only is it pretty as a picture but it then backs it up by smelling divine. The smell is described by Lush as a mixture of pear drops and candy floss and they aren't wrong, it is very very sweet smelling and girly totally different to any other shower gel out there.

The gel can be used on both body and hair, I tend to just use it as a shower gel as it lathers nicely and leaves some of that gorgeous scent behind on the skin, I have also used it as a bubble bath in the past too both alone and alongside bath oils.
Lush snow fairy

I can't see the Snow Fairy love going anywhere soon. It will be back on sale in the run up to Christmas.

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Enjoying the freedom of home education

A couple of weeks ago on an ordinary Thursday morning Phil and I were woken up at just before 9am by two giggling boys who informed us that they had been plotting. We looked at the weather forcast for the day and it was going to be dry and sunny so we decided to head to the seaside for the day.

I spent quite a bit of time that day pondering how lucky we are to be out enjoying the freedom of home education. The freedom for our children to sleep in if they need to do so and the freedom to look at the weather and just head off for the day and have fun writing letters in the sand and looking at fishing boats and talking about where the fish we buy comes from.

For me this freedom is just one of the benefits of home education,  but one I think many parents can relate too, parents who aren't able to take their children out for the day on a whim, that can't go on holiday due to the fines and parents who have to send their child into school when they are not 100% well incase their childs level of attendance falls too low.

I may home educate but I am not anti school. However I do think I would find it hard to fit in with the restrictions school would place on us.

Monday, 28 March 2016 a bear with a sore head

So here I am, overdue and baby is still hanging on in there and I am literally like a bear with a sore head right now. I have tried not to be too moany on social media but I figure I have blogged my whole pregnancy and reading this back in a few months will probably remind me not to get broody again!
Overdue bump, 40 weeks

This may be my third baby but it is the most pregnant I have ever been, I went into labour on my due date with Seb, and Alex was born at 39+6. I (naively) had decided baby would be here for Easter, even buying him a cute little pair of bunny leggings to wear this weekend.

I have found this week pretty hard to be honest, i am so glad that it has been the bank holiday weekend so Phil has been home to help with the boys or it would have been a very grumpy Easter indeed!
I feel so frustrated right now, particularly as I have had terrible backache last night combined with semi painful contractions through the night keeping me awake only for them to stop dead this morning. Lazing about at home just been makes me feel worse so today we have been to the supermarket (so exciting), had some lunch and then went to the park where I even had a go on the see saw to see if it did anything. I can't go anywhere without comments from strangers on my clearly overdue state and while I know they are just being friendly it is so bloody irritating to have to repeat myself again and again.

The longer I am pregnant for the more I feel my vba2c chances are slipping away. I am booked in for a c section this week and I will be so disappointed if I don't get the chance to labour particularly after fighting my corner when I know that some people think I should have just booked in for another c section. The thought of the operation is making me feel anxious, particularly the stay in hospital and recovery while trying to look after a newborn and both boys.

So there we have it, my moany overdue post. Tomorrow i have to go to the hospital for bloods to be taken and my midwife Come on baby, we want to meet you!

Meal Planning Monday 28/3

Happy Monday Meal Planners, well at the time of writing this I am still pregnant (and a bit grumpy with it!). I hope everyone has had a lovely Easter, I have been thoroughly enjoying the available chocolate and making crispy cakes with the boys.

Last week we did okay,  we missed one meal and opted for a Chinese instead but everything else was eaten. As for this wee, again the meals I have planned are easy peasy and subject to change depending on if and when baby decides to arrive.

Monday Turkey Burgers with Sweet Potato Fries

Tuesday Pizza Pasta Bake

Wednesday Fish and chips

Thursday Slow cooker Corner Beef Hash

Friday Fish finger sandwiches with wedges and salad

Saturday Cheese and bacon pasta-got

Sunday Slow cooker Chinese curry with noodles-got

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Sunday, 27 March 2016

Hello Spring! Our Spring Education Plans.

This week saw the official start of Spring although there have been signs of Spring in the air for sometime now especially as the weather has been so mild, we have already been on a Spring hunt with a trusty checklist.

The biggest event for us this Spring is of course a new baby and that is definitely going to be a learning curve for us all! But aside from that I do have some other plans for Spring.

We always start the season by growing. Every year we take part in the Grow Your Own Potato project as home educators. This is our third year of being involved and we have absolutely loved it, our potatoes have been chitted for 2 weeks and we have planted them outside in the bags provided. I will of course post in more detail when we have finished the project.

Our other yearly project is sunflowers, these are currently rapidly growing seedlings on the kitchen windowsill and we have been looking at the sunflower life cycle, parts of plants and what each part does.

I asked the boys what else they would like to grow this year, Seb opted to grow radishes and Alex chose peas so we have planted them and are waiting for those to start growing. Radishes are quick growers so hopefully it won't be too long until we get some results.

Alongside our growing projects we are looking at the life cycles of various animals, this is something we looked at last year but it is always worth revisiting and adding more detail each time. We have started with chickens particularly relevant as we are so close to easter, I have a couple of friends who have incubated and hatched eggs and we have been looking at photos of those as well as reading a library book and using a Twinkl hen life cycle worksheet. Next up is frogs.

This leads us on nicely to our caterpillar to butterfly growing project which again is something we have done for the last few years. The boys get so much from this that I can see us carrying on with this for quite a few years to come.  This year I am going to make it into a bigger project, perhaps make a lapbook about butterflies and we are going to look at other minibeasts(not my favourite topic to be honest but children do love them!) too. I have seen some good diy wormerys on Pintrest and we have a snail observation tank already.

Of course we have also been busy talking about Easter and usimg it as an excuse to bake and get crafty and April sees St Georges Day so we will learn about St George.

I think this should keep us nicely busy over Spring. I am already thinking ahead to summer and planning what we can get up to then.

Saturday, 26 March 2016

10 recipes on my to do list

Does anyone else find themselves browsing pintrest, cookbooks and blogs thinking ohhh I must make that and then promptly forgetting about it? I love cooking(and eating) and have SO many recipes on that list in my head that I want to make.

Today I am sharing 10 recipes on my to do list, in the hope that it will inspire me to actually get around to cooking them!

1. Ever since trying Parsnip and Parmesan Soup in a restaurant about 18 months ago I have been meaning to make it at home.

2. I love pasta and this One pot cheesy chicken Alfredo looks so delicious and tasty top plus one pot means less washing up!

3. Oh look another pasta dish! Spaghetti Carbonara is a classic and so yummy, this Jamie Oliver recipe looks so good without using too many ingredients.

4. Chicken Pasanda is my curry of choice from our favourite Indian restaurant and Baking Queens version is definitely on my list to make, as I love my slow cooker it is perfect.

5. I adore sweet potato and I adore halloumi so these sweet potato and halloumi burgers definitely need to make an appearance in our household at some point.

6. Cheese and bacon are a dream combination, this breakfast cheesy bacon hash brown pie looks like a great choice for breakfast when you have a busy day ahead.

7. I must confess I have never made a pie, I don't know why when I grew up seeing my mum make meat pie regularly for the family. This chicken, ham and leek pie looks yummy and achievable too.

8. In my teens Pop Tarts were a huge thing and these homemade pop tarts look fun to make and tasty to eat too.

9. I have to include a cake in my line up. This homemade funfetti cake looks like it would be really fun to make, maybe a contender for Phils birthday this year.

10. I am ending this post with a drink, Nutella hot chocolate made in the slow cooker, perfect for a rainy afternoon!

Friday, 25 March 2016

Top 5 ways to relax

When you become a mum one of the things you quickly realise is that your time to relax is drastically reduced. There seems to be a never ending listhe of jobs to get done but it is still important to take some time for yourself, so today I am sharing my top 5 ways to relax.

A hot bath I am a bath girl and always have been, for me there there is nothing quite as relaxing as sinking into a lovely hot bath filled with bubbles or oils. Even better if someone else has run it for you.

A good book I read far less than I used too(unless you include Roald Dahl and Julia Donaldson) but I still make the effort to get lost in a good book. I tend to buy them from charity shops but occasionally will have an Amazon splurge. I love getting lost in a book. I am currently using Goodreads and have a target of 40 books to read this year.

Painting my nails I used to paint my nails religiously and they were always neat, these days they ate usually chipped but I do love the process of sitting down and making them look pretty.

Browse Pintrest I can get lost in Pintrest for hours, there is just so much to see on there for any possible subject, even if most of it up is way beyond my skill level!

Baking I rarely bake without a small assistant these days which is always fun but I do still love to create something delicious without wrestling the flour off a 3 year old! There is something satisfying about making something with some simple ingredients.

How do you relax?

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Easter fun with the National Trust and Cadbury

If you are looking for some family fun this weekend, why not visit one of the 271 Cadbury Easter Egg hunts taking place at National Trust locations nationwide? Every Child who gets involved will receive a Cadbury chocolate treat, over 270, 000 were involved in last year's hunts!

The Easter Bunny has kicked off his 2016 schedule in style, with the National Trust unveiling a show-stopping giant topiary bunny at Stourhead, in Wiltshire.

The topiary bunny has been created to celebrate the ninth year of the Cadbury Easter Egg Hunts. The hunts will be taking place at 271 National Trust locations over the Easter weekend (25-28 March). Families are invited to unleash their inner explorer at these adventurous hunts taking place across the country.

Stourhead, known to many as the location of the 2005 film version of Pride and Prejudice, played host to the Cadbury Easter Bunny’s first destination this year, as he begins his nationwide tour to generate excitement ahead of the upcoming Easter Bank Holiday weekend.

The iconic gardens and Palladian mansion, given to the conservation charity in 1946, is just one of the locations providing a beautiful backdrop for an Easter day out. An impressive 271 Cadbury Easter Egg Hunts are set to take families on adventures in and around National Trust places across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, marking the ninth year of the Trust’s partnership with the iconic chocolate-makers.

At a towering height of 8ft, the frame of the impressive topiary bunny, celebrating the Cadbury Easter Bunny’s visit, took a whopping three days to create. If laid flat, the length of the steel wire used for this creation would be that of two football pitches! His accompanying 4ft friends used the combined talents of a team of four over a five day period, using enough wire to cover the length of a further five football pitches in the process.

Hoping to delight children and families alike this Bank Holiday Weekend, the smaller topiary bunnies will be on display atWimpole, Stowe, Killerton, Castle Ward, Fountains Abbey, Hardwick Halland Tredegar House.

The Easter bunny has been very busy indeed, delivering an impressive 362,592 Cadbury Dairy Milk Bunnies around the UK.

Visitors to National Trust places across the Easter holiday weekend will be able to take part in special Cadbury Easter Egg Hunts, with every child receiving a Cadbury chocolate treat for getting involved.

Laura Appleby, Senior PR Officer at the National Trust, said: “The Easter Bunny certainly has been busy this year, with Stourhead the first of many stops across the country.
“We are thrilled to partner with Cadbury to offer families the chance to celebrate Easter together, take on an Easter Egg Hunt and explore some of the special places cared for by
the Trust. Visits over the Easter period are so important to us, as they will help enable our continued conservation work."

Martin Clements, Engagement & Interpretation Officer at Stourhead, added: “We’re really excited that the Easter Bunny started off his journey at Stourhead, and are thrilled to play home to his 8ft topiary replica in our gardens. We hope visitors and families participating in our Cadbury Easter Egg Hunts this weekend enjoy trying to spot our giant topiary bunny – he loves posing for the camera!”

With over 270,000 people getting involved in a Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt last year, and over 3 million people welcomed to participating National Trust places over the Easter weekend, the charity is hoping for another great turnout.

To find your nearest hunt head

Potato Print Easter Eggs

I do love a good craft session to go along with the seasons or celebrations. With Easter falling this weekend we have been busy baking, glueing and painting with an eggy theme.

After our recent potato print ladybirds I thought it would be fun to make some potato print Easter Eggs. I mixed up some pretty Eastery coloured paints, halved some oval potatoes and let the boys get busy printing with them. Basic potato printing like this is so easy, if your child is younger or struggles to pick the potato up just push a fork into the potato to use as a handle.

Once they were dry I cut out the egg shapes and we used some Sharpies to decorate them. I love how careful Sebastian was making different patterns on his and using different colour pens. These would be fab to decorate Easter cards or to turn into mini bunting.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

40 weeks pregnant

So I am 40 weeks pregnant, I have to admit I was kind of expecting last week to be my last update before baby boy arrived but he has hung in there. I decided to take a frontal bump shot this week as I have never really done one before and this is probably going to be my last chance to have a 40 week bump.

Yes I have stretchmarks and my bellybutton looks most peculiar(it has never popped out in any if my pregnancies) but how amazing is it that there is a fully formed person inside of there? I am in awe of what my body can do and feel so blessed to have done this three times. I know lots of women struggle with the changes their body goes through in pregnancy but it truly is a special time and I am going to miss my bump,

I am so lucky to have had an easy pregnancy overall but this last part is definitely harder work. I woke up early Sunday morning only to run to the bathroom to be violently sick and I spent all day feeling pretty rubbish and tearful and worrying about things that I wanted to get done. I felt rubbish all day but woke up fine again on Monday. I am still trying to keep active and busy but it is more of an effort now.

At this stage despite my best efforts I can't help but sign spot, waiting for labour to start. As above I have been sick and had a upset stomach along with it and my Braxton Hicks have continued along with lower backache but it doesn't come to anything. 

As baby is to be born at 41 weeks this is it, I can't help but feel sad that my pregnancy is nearly over, to want to savour every kick, wriggle and hiccup and enjoy having this baby all to myself for the last few days. I am nervous and excited, hoping labour starts before my elective c section date. I have considered delaying it, I have had no issues at all during this pregnancy and I can't help but feel that I would be having a massive operation for no real reason but it is a big decision to make.

Keep an eye on my Twitter and Instagram feeds as I am sure I will be announcing his arrival on there.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Soreen Squidgy Cake Minis

We are all familiar with Soreen and their famous malt loaves which are a staple for many a kitchen cupboard. But have you seen their brand new mini Squidgy cakes?

Available in two flavours toffee and chocolate these cake minis have 60% less fat and 50% less sugar than standard cake and come individually wrapped for freshness making them ideal for lunchboxes or snacking while out and about. We were sent some lovely squidgy samples to try out this week and I had two very excited boys when they spotted a Soreen box had arrived so I let them have first dibs.

Alex opted for the toffee flavour, described as a toffee and malt cake bar with toffee pieces. The bar is golden in colour and has the Soreen malty taste with a generous amount of small toffee flavoured pieces distributed throughout.

Seb went straight for the chocolate flavour, described as a chocolate and malt cake bar with chocolate chips. Again this had the malty flavour you expect from Soreen with lots of yummy chocolate chips throughout the cake bar.

The cake bars are definitely more malt loafy than cakey in consistency but they are yummy and a huge hit with my boys who think they are a real treat to eat. We have had them as afternoon snacks as they are perfect size for that and delicious with a cup of tea. I also gave them to the boys as a pudding with some strawberries and squirty cream.

Available to buy from Tesco now.

For the latest squidgy information pop over and follow Soreen on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Family Fever
**We received these samples for the purpose of this post but all opinions are my own**

Monday, 21 March 2016

Meal Planning Monday 21/3

Happy Monday Meal Planners! I hope you are all fine and dandy and are looking forward to a long weekend, let's hope for some sunshine.

Last week we did well, I did buy us a Chinese takeaway one night meaning our toad in the hole has been moved or to this weeks plan instead but frankly I was too tired to cook. We headed to the seaside on Thursday so chips and hot donuts on the seafront it was for lunch and the boys and I made some double chocolate muffins over the weekend.

This weeks plan is a bit of a funny one, not much proper cooking and is subject to change as baby is due and I have no idea if or when I will be in hospital and how I will be feeling. I have stocked up on some easy freezer food that can be thrown in the oven if needs be plus I have a few bits frozen that I have batch cooked.

Monday Toad in the hole with cheese and onion mash and peas

Tuesday Homemade pizza and garlic bread

Wednesday Homemade Turkey burgers in brioche buns and sweet potato fries

Thursday Cheese and veg pasta bake

Friday Mini kievs, chips and veg

Saturday Pasta Pesto

Sunday Roast Chicken

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Sunday, 20 March 2016

39 weeks pregnant

At 39 weeks pregnant baby is around the size of a mini watermelon, around 51cm long and weighing around 3kg (though this varies hugely!). He certainly feels heavy if the pressure I get is anything to go by!

I am feeling impatient now, I am experiencing so many tightenings along with backache and pressure that goes on for ages and then all goes quiet again, I just want something to happen! Apart from that I feel absolute fine, I am trying to pass the time by doing lots of crafty things with the boys, getting out and about and sorting out various jobs around the house but my mind is definitely wandering at the moment. We are definitely very ready, we have the crib all set up and pretty much everything is washed, the boys have a bag packed ready to go to their grandparents when the time comes.
39 weeks, chicco next to me crib, mamas and papas blanket, chevron sheet

As I get closer to labour I am feeling excited about what is to come but nervous at the same time. I am worried that it may end in a c section again and that I will be disappointed. My biggest worry is ending up with a situation like with Seb where I was under general anaesthetic. I am trying to think positive though, there is no reason for that to happen and I don't want to go into labour fearful.

I had my final consultant appointment this week and to be honest it was a bit of a farce. I was the second appointment of the day but was seen 1.5 hours late and by a different consultant (even though mine had insisted I see her) and he hadn't looked at my notes and was asking me what the appointment was for. On the plus side my blood pressure is fine,  I got a sneaky 2 minute scan and my c section is booked in so I have a date that he will be here by which is exciting, I know he will be here before the end of the month!

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Manor Heath Park and The Jungle Experience

In my quest to keep active in the last couple of weeks of pregnancy we have been visiting various local parks and attractions. Last week we headed to Manor Heath Park in Halifax, it has been on my to do list for a while as the park has a green flag award and is also home to The Jungle Experience.

We picked the wrong day to visit really as although the weather was meant to be dry it actually ended up being a bit drizzly. Not ones to be put off by a little rain we decided to have a bit of a walk around the nineteen acre park first and then we could head to The Jungle Experience if the heavens opened.
The park is really clean and well maintained, we explored some of the planted areas, found the outdoor paddling pool (obviously not in use yet!) and then headed to the play area. The playground is described as inclusive and it really is, all to often I think the equipment to children with physical disabilities is an afterthought or the children are seperated but here the equipment is really accessible to all meaning the children can all play together. The boys enjoyed the playground in the way that children do and even though it was a grey Tuesday there were several families there so it seems that it is popular.
I also noted that there were lots of picnic tables by the playground, perfect for summer picnics.

After a bit of a play it then started to rain so we took the short stroll over The Jungle Experience which is a botanical garden home to plants, butterflies, fish and various animals. It cost the 4 of us just £2 entry which is a total bargain.
While not as large as Tropical World in Leeds, The Jungle Experience is a great size for children and there are information boards throughout with easy to understand information. I loved the beautiful orchids while the Alex fell in love with the terrapins. We all enjoyed the butterflies, both the ones flying around inside and being able to see the pupae in their glass case.

We really enjoyed our couple of hours at Manor Heath and will definitely head back with a picnic when the weather warms up to make use of the paddling pool.

Friday, 18 March 2016

Easy ways to practice scissor skills

Learning to use scissors can take a fair amount of practice, it requires hand eye coordination and concentration and while some children pick it up without problem others take longer.
Seb has always found using scissors frustrating and tricky and he would just get cross with himself and give up, i'm not sure if being left handed makes things harder, but recently he seems to have picked it up so I thought I would share three easy ways to practice scissor skills.

Provide different materials to cut. When we think of cutting we usually think of paper but it is probably one of the harder things to cut, thin card is much easier! Try giving a variety of materials to practice cutting with, playdough is really good for this as are straws. A set up like the one pictured above will keep my boys entertained for quite a while. Other ideas include masking tape, curling ribbon and toilet roll tubes.

Scissor cutting skills workbooks give children a chance to practice a variety of lines and objects in fun ways. Twinkl have absolutely loads available to print in various themes to appeal to your child.

Use free magazines and leaflets. I dont know about your children but mine love the free supermarket magazines and leaflets that you can pick up when out and about. Ask your child to cut these up and make a collage of their favourite foods or places they would like to go. Make it into a fun task and you can join in too modelling your own cutting.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Supertato: Veggies Assemble

New books are always greeted with excitement in this household and when I received Supertato: Veggies Assemble in the post this week, none of us could wait to sit down and have a read.

The Evil Pea is on the loose and there's anarchy in the aisles! Can our supermarket superhero divert disaster? Or is he going to need backup?

Supertato: Veggie Assemble is written by Sue Hendra and illustrated by Paul Linnet is the the latest Supertato book in the series. Sue Hendra is well known for her popular books such as Norman the Slug with a Silly Shell and the hilarious Barry the Fish with Fingers.

We loved this book, it is packed full of bright eye catching images, it is amusing for children and adults and the story is fun! I love the veggies dressed up at superheroes.

Supertato: Veggies Assemble will be released on 21st April 2016.

Family Fever
**We received this book for the purpose of this post but all opinions are my own**

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Slow cooker Chilli Sausage and Bean Casserole

It's been a while since I posted a recipe but after making this slow cooker chilli sausage and bean casserole last week and it going down well I thought I would share it as it makes a fab family meal plus we had lots of leftovers for lunch the next day.

At the moment, i am finding that by the time it gets to making dinner I am pretty tired out so using the slow cooker on some days has been a real lifesaver for me at the moment as I am sure it will be even handier once baby makes his appearance.

This casserole can be chopped and changed according to what you have in the house, any veg could go in really, you could add some lentils or leave out the diced potatoes and serve with mash or crusty bread instead. I cut our sausages down but equally you could leave them whole if that is how you prefer them, sausages are the one thing I quickly brown off before slow cooking as otherwise they look horrid!

8 sausages
1 carton passata
1 tin baked beans
1 tin of kidney beans
2 peppers, diced
2 grated carrots
1 onion, diced
2 medium potatoes, peeled and diced
1 teaspoon crushed chillis

Cut each sausage into 4 or 5 pieces, brown them in a pan before popping into the slow cooker. Add all of the other ingredients and stir. Cook on high for around 5 hours or low for around 8 hours. If you find your sauce needs thickening turn the slow cooker to high and leave the lid off for for around 30 minutes before serving.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Meal Planning Monday 14/3

Happy Monday Meal Planners!

We ate everything on our meal plan last week and on the right days too, I was tempted by a takeaway midweek but didn't cave! We all enjoyed the chicken curry and the sausage and bean casserole went down well, I am posting the recipe up this week. I didn't do much in the way of extra cooking last week, just a chocolate sponge cake with Alex my chief helper and bowl licker.

Now I am so close to my due date(single figures eek) I am sticking with easy meals as who knows when baby will decide to make an appearance. I am really looking forward to our lasagne it seems ages since I made it last.

Monday Soup (homemade if I feel up to it) and cheese and onion flatbread

Tuesday Lasagne

Wednesday Omlettes

Thursday Cottage Pie

Friday Toad in the hole with cheese and onion mash and peas

Saturday Hot Dogs with Sweet Potato Fries

Sunday Pizza pasta bake

As usual I am linking up with Meal Planning Monday over on At Home With Mrs M.

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Five Under £5 March 2016

I have been meaning to join in with the five under £5 linky since the start of the year and now we are in March I have finally managed to be organised enough.

My five items for March have taken on an Easter theme. I do love Easter witb it's long weekend and with baby number 3 due to arrive this Easter I have been doubly excited.

Phil and i had a child free afternoon in Leeds this week and i picked up a Lush Fluffy Egg bath bomb for £2.95, it is no secret that I love Lush and at 9 months pregnant I am practically living in the bath right now!

I had seen these Poundland egg lights online a few times and thought they would be a lovely addition to our easter decorations, for only £1 they are a total bargain. While there i couldn't resist picking up pack of fluffy chicks too.

I try not to buy too much chocolate for Easter as the boys get plenty from others but these chick lollies from M&S are very cute and I know the boys will enjoy them.

This time of year sees the start of our gardening attempts and i picked up this sunflower growing set in Poundland (again), I like that it contains everything you need to get started and we will be sowing these next week. Fingers crossed for some record breaking sunflowers this year.

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Wilkinson Sword Intuition Razor

I remember the days when i could spend all the time in the world lingering in the shower making sure my legs were silky smooth. These days my showers are more of an in and out affair, while listening out for the sound of the Lego storage box being tipped all over the floor and shaving my legs needs to be done as quickly as possible.

Wilkinson Sword recognise that many of us need a quick easy way to shave and their fab Intuition razor lathers, shaves and moisturises all in one easy step, all you need to add is the water. It is so simple it makes it the ideal razor for us mums who often have minimum time!
Wilkinson sword Intuition razor

Wilkinson sword Intuition razor

Wilkinson sword Intuition razor

I was sent an Intuition Ultra Moisture razor to put to the test. Intuition has 4 ultra thin bases with wire guards to help protect against nicks and cuts and a pivoting head to follow your body contours.

I have been using the razor on my legs this week, at 9 months pregnant it is certainly no easy feat but I really hate any hair or stubble on my legs plus it means the razor had a good test! The razor really is simple to use, having it all in one is certainly quicker and easier than using separate a shaving cream and razor. The handle is chunky and easy to grip. My legs have been left soft and smooth afterwards. So I would definitely recommend Intuition to other mums out there.  I have to say that I was pleased to note that the razor packaging is 100% recyclable too!

Wilkinson Sword Intuition is available nationwide RRP £6.99

Family Fever
**I received an Intuition razor for the purpose of this post but all opinions are my own**

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