Saturday, 26 March 2016

10 recipes on my to do list

Does anyone else find themselves browsing pintrest, cookbooks and blogs thinking ohhh I must make that and then promptly forgetting about it? I love cooking(and eating) and have SO many recipes on that list in my head that I want to make.

Today I am sharing 10 recipes on my to do list, in the hope that it will inspire me to actually get around to cooking them!

1. Ever since trying Parsnip and Parmesan Soup in a restaurant about 18 months ago I have been meaning to make it at home.

2. I love pasta and this One pot cheesy chicken Alfredo looks so delicious and tasty top plus one pot means less washing up!

3. Oh look another pasta dish! Spaghetti Carbonara is a classic and so yummy, this Jamie Oliver recipe looks so good without using too many ingredients.

4. Chicken Pasanda is my curry of choice from our favourite Indian restaurant and Baking Queens version is definitely on my list to make, as I love my slow cooker it is perfect.

5. I adore sweet potato and I adore halloumi so these sweet potato and halloumi burgers definitely need to make an appearance in our household at some point.

6. Cheese and bacon are a dream combination, this breakfast cheesy bacon hash brown pie looks like a great choice for breakfast when you have a busy day ahead.

7. I must confess I have never made a pie, I don't know why when I grew up seeing my mum make meat pie regularly for the family. This chicken, ham and leek pie looks yummy and achievable too.

8. In my teens Pop Tarts were a huge thing and these homemade pop tarts look fun to make and tasty to eat too.

9. I have to include a cake in my line up. This homemade funfetti cake looks like it would be really fun to make, maybe a contender for Phils birthday this year.

10. I am ending this post with a drink, Nutella hot chocolate made in the slow cooker, perfect for a rainy afternoon!

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