Saturday, 5 March 2016

37 weeks pregnant

I made it, I am full term! At 37 weeks baby is about as long as a stalk of Swiss Chard and the average baby born now weighs 6lb 3. It is so exciting to think he could arrive any day now without concern.
37 weeks pregnant bump

This week, I have been sick, had tightenings and backache for hours on end which then stop, I've had a bit of a was that my waters moment and to be honest I have hit the fed up stage. I forgot how glamorous late pregnancy is! I feel huge and clumsy and it is hard to get stuff done without feeling exhausted afterwards! Waking upto a covering of snow this week took me right back to Sebastian being born when we were in the middle of the worst snow for years but it has cleared for now and hopefully we will get some nicer spring weather now, I have been looking forward to a Spring baby as both boys were born in Winter.

Despite this I am also feeling pretty positive about impending labour and birth, I had my second consultant appointment and she was so much more encouraging than my other consultant. I had worried myself over the week between appointments but she reassured me that I can attempt a vba2c safely. I am pleased that baby has gone from 4/5 enagaged to 2/5 engaged too in less than a week too, although I know it doesn't mean much it is still good to know and explains my bump feeling lower.

It feels like a waiting game now, my gut is telling me not to head out far from home on my own with the boys though I am still trying to keep active(even when all i want is to be lazy!). I am trying not to be too impatient as I could go right until the end of the month before he is born but at least I know there will be a baby before April arrives.

I have a midwife appointment next week and then I guess I will be seen each week until he is here.

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