Friday, 11 March 2016

38 weeks pregnant

By the time you reach 38 weeks pregnant baby is as long as a leek and weighs just over 3kg(6lb 6).

Last week I said I was getting fed up but this week I do feel a bit better, despite sleep being a little elusive and lots of backache and sometimes painful tightenings I am still finding that time is passing quickly.

I have done loads of walking this week and lots of bouncing on my ball. My bump is dropping so much and shrinking away, it has left me feeling sore and with lots of sometimes almost unbearable pressure which is pretty uncomfortable but my midwife has confirmed that he is ready to go now. He is still following the 90th centile line in my chart so I am curious to see what size he will be when born.

I asked about having a sweep, she says they usually give then at 41 weeks but she may give me one at 40 as I will be having an elective c section at 41 weeks if he isn't here by then so I would like chance of a sweep to see if it will get things moving along.

It is really a case of waiting now and trying not to over analyse every twinge and tightening which is easier said than done at this stage. I am back at the consultant next week and then the midwife the week after and then he should have arrived by one method or another.

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