Sunday, 20 March 2016

39 weeks pregnant

At 39 weeks pregnant baby is around the size of a mini watermelon, around 51cm long and weighing around 3kg (though this varies hugely!). He certainly feels heavy if the pressure I get is anything to go by!

I am feeling impatient now, I am experiencing so many tightenings along with backache and pressure that goes on for ages and then all goes quiet again, I just want something to happen! Apart from that I feel absolute fine, I am trying to pass the time by doing lots of crafty things with the boys, getting out and about and sorting out various jobs around the house but my mind is definitely wandering at the moment. We are definitely very ready, we have the crib all set up and pretty much everything is washed, the boys have a bag packed ready to go to their grandparents when the time comes.
39 weeks, chicco next to me crib, mamas and papas blanket, chevron sheet

As I get closer to labour I am feeling excited about what is to come but nervous at the same time. I am worried that it may end in a c section again and that I will be disappointed. My biggest worry is ending up with a situation like with Seb where I was under general anaesthetic. I am trying to think positive though, there is no reason for that to happen and I don't want to go into labour fearful.

I had my final consultant appointment this week and to be honest it was a bit of a farce. I was the second appointment of the day but was seen 1.5 hours late and by a different consultant (even though mine had insisted I see her) and he hadn't looked at my notes and was asking me what the appointment was for. On the plus side my blood pressure is fine,  I got a sneaky 2 minute scan and my c section is booked in so I have a date that he will be here by which is exciting, I know he will be here before the end of the month!

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