40 ideas for family fun this Easter

So Easter is fast approaching(wasn't it Christmas like 2 weeks ago?) so I have put together 40 ideas for family fun this Easter. Everything from crafts to days out to lazy days at home. Hopefully something for everyone.
40 ideas for family fun this Easter
  1. Blow and decorate eggs
  2. Make an Easter Tree with a branch,  paint it or leave it bare and hang decorations
  3. Make your own giant chocolate buttons
  4. Make Easter bonnets
  5. Design an Easter egg using this free template 
  6. Make Easter bunting to decorate the house, check out this cute bunny bunting
  7. Hold an egg and spoon race, make sure there are medals!
  8. Go swimming
  9. Have a picnic(indoor or out)
  10. Go on a spring hunt
  11. Bake hot cross buns
  12. Make chocolate playdough 
  13. Go on an Easter Egg hunt
  14. Make Easter Cards either using printable templates or creating your own. 
  15. Have a DVD afternoon
  16. Get the Hama Beads out
  17. Visit a farm
  18. Make chocolate nest cakes
  19. Get planting some seeds
  20. Make salt dough Easter decorations
  21. Make Easter handprint and footprint crafts(check out Pintrest)
  22. Paint egg cups, these porcelain egg cups are a total bargain at 65p each! 
  23. Easter Egg potato printing
  24. Learn the story behind Easter 
  25. Pom pom Easter egg painting 
  26. Visit a local museum or gallery
  27. Hold an Easter party
  28. Go bug catching
  29. Visit the seaside
  30. Go on a Stickman trail
  31. Make pom pom chicks 
  32. Have a special breakfast at home or out(we like Frankie and Bennys)
  33. Go to the cinema, we like taking advantage of Movies for Juniors at our local cineworld
  34. Donate Easter eggs at a local food bank
  35. Have a board game afternoon 
  36. Get the crayons out and do some Easter colouring, I like these printable Easter egg pages
  37. Make dens! 
  38. Make eggshell mosaics
  39. Visit and explore a new park
  40. Make a palm leaf using this template 

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