Wednesday, 23 March 2016

40 weeks pregnant

So I am 40 weeks pregnant, I have to admit I was kind of expecting last week to be my last update before baby boy arrived but he has hung in there. I decided to take a frontal bump shot this week as I have never really done one before and this is probably going to be my last chance to have a 40 week bump.

Yes I have stretchmarks and my bellybutton looks most peculiar(it has never popped out in any if my pregnancies) but how amazing is it that there is a fully formed person inside of there? I am in awe of what my body can do and feel so blessed to have done this three times. I know lots of women struggle with the changes their body goes through in pregnancy but it truly is a special time and I am going to miss my bump,

I am so lucky to have had an easy pregnancy overall but this last part is definitely harder work. I woke up early Sunday morning only to run to the bathroom to be violently sick and I spent all day feeling pretty rubbish and tearful and worrying about things that I wanted to get done. I felt rubbish all day but woke up fine again on Monday. I am still trying to keep active and busy but it is more of an effort now.

At this stage despite my best efforts I can't help but sign spot, waiting for labour to start. As above I have been sick and had a upset stomach along with it and my Braxton Hicks have continued along with lower backache but it doesn't come to anything. 

As baby is to be born at 41 weeks this is it, I can't help but feel sad that my pregnancy is nearly over, to want to savour every kick, wriggle and hiccup and enjoy having this baby all to myself for the last few days. I am nervous and excited, hoping labour starts before my elective c section date. I have considered delaying it, I have had no issues at all during this pregnancy and I can't help but feel that I would be having a massive operation for no real reason but it is a big decision to make.

Keep an eye on my Twitter and Instagram feeds as I am sure I will be announcing his arrival on there.

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