Friday, 18 March 2016

Easy ways to practice scissor skills

Learning to use scissors can take a fair amount of practice, it requires hand eye coordination and concentration and while some children pick it up without problem others take longer.
Seb has always found using scissors frustrating and tricky and he would just get cross with himself and give up, i'm not sure if being left handed makes things harder, but recently he seems to have picked it up so I thought I would share three easy ways to practice scissor skills.

Provide different materials to cut. When we think of cutting we usually think of paper but it is probably one of the harder things to cut, thin card is much easier! Try giving a variety of materials to practice cutting with, playdough is really good for this as are straws. A set up like the one pictured above will keep my boys entertained for quite a while. Other ideas include masking tape, curling ribbon and toilet roll tubes.

Scissor cutting skills workbooks give children a chance to practice a variety of lines and objects in fun ways. Twinkl have absolutely loads available to print in various themes to appeal to your child.

Use free magazines and leaflets. I dont know about your children but mine love the free supermarket magazines and leaflets that you can pick up when out and about. Ask your child to cut these up and make a collage of their favourite foods or places they would like to go. Make it into a fun task and you can join in too modelling your own cutting.

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