Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Enjoying the freedom of home education

A couple of weeks ago on an ordinary Thursday morning Phil and I were woken up at just before 9am by two giggling boys who informed us that they had been plotting. We looked at the weather forcast for the day and it was going to be dry and sunny so we decided to head to the seaside for the day.

I spent quite a bit of time that day pondering how lucky we are to be out enjoying the freedom of home education. The freedom for our children to sleep in if they need to do so and the freedom to look at the weather and just head off for the day and have fun writing letters in the sand and looking at fishing boats and talking about where the fish we buy comes from.

For me this freedom is just one of the benefits of home education,  but one I think many parents can relate too, parents who aren't able to take their children out for the day on a whim, that can't go on holiday due to the fines and parents who have to send their child into school when they are not 100% well incase their childs level of attendance falls too low.

I may home educate but I am not anti school. However I do think I would find it hard to fit in with the restrictions school would place on us.

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