Thursday, 3 March 2016

Handprint Snerd craft

A few days ago I posted that Alex had chosen What the Ladybird Heard Next as his World Book Day book and that we had made some potato print ladybirds
What the Ladybird Heard Next is still a new book so there aren't many crafty ideas out there to go alongside it just yet(there are thousands for What the Ladybird Heard!).  We have made handprint flamingoes before so I thought I could use the same idea to make a handprint snerd! Alex absolutely loves to paint especially using his hands and fingers so this was perfect for him.

The idea is pretty self explanatory, create some bright pink handprints (we added some pink glitter on top) and add a curve to the thumbprint to create the neck of the snerd. Leave to dry, add a snerd egg for the bird to sit on (I used some foam from Baker Ross) and use a Sharpie to add detailing. 

They most definitely aren't perfect but we did enjoy the process of creating them plus the egg got us all talking about what would be inside the egg, are snerds real and so on.
What the Ladybird heard next

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