Sunday, 27 March 2016

Hello Spring! Our Spring Education Plans.

This week saw the official start of Spring although there have been signs of Spring in the air for sometime now especially as the weather has been so mild, we have already been on a Spring hunt with a trusty checklist.

The biggest event for us this Spring is of course a new baby and that is definitely going to be a learning curve for us all! But aside from that I do have some other plans for Spring.

We always start the season by growing. Every year we take part in the Grow Your Own Potato project as home educators. This is our third year of being involved and we have absolutely loved it, our potatoes have been chitted for 2 weeks and we have planted them outside in the bags provided. I will of course post in more detail when we have finished the project.

Our other yearly project is sunflowers, these are currently rapidly growing seedlings on the kitchen windowsill and we have been looking at the sunflower life cycle, parts of plants and what each part does.

I asked the boys what else they would like to grow this year, Seb opted to grow radishes and Alex chose peas so we have planted them and are waiting for those to start growing. Radishes are quick growers so hopefully it won't be too long until we get some results.

Alongside our growing projects we are looking at the life cycles of various animals, this is something we looked at last year but it is always worth revisiting and adding more detail each time. We have started with chickens particularly relevant as we are so close to easter, I have a couple of friends who have incubated and hatched eggs and we have been looking at photos of those as well as reading a library book and using a Twinkl hen life cycle worksheet. Next up is frogs.

This leads us on nicely to our caterpillar to butterfly growing project which again is something we have done for the last few years. The boys get so much from this that I can see us carrying on with this for quite a few years to come.  This year I am going to make it into a bigger project, perhaps make a lapbook about butterflies and we are going to look at other minibeasts(not my favourite topic to be honest but children do love them!) too. I have seen some good diy wormerys on Pintrest and we have a snail observation tank already.

Of course we have also been busy talking about Easter and usimg it as an excuse to bake and get crafty and April sees St Georges Day so we will learn about St George.

I think this should keep us nicely busy over Spring. I am already thinking ahead to summer and planning what we can get up to then.

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