Saturday, 19 March 2016

Manor Heath Park and The Jungle Experience

In my quest to keep active in the last couple of weeks of pregnancy we have been visiting various local parks and attractions. Last week we headed to Manor Heath Park in Halifax, it has been on my to do list for a while as the park has a green flag award and is also home to The Jungle Experience.

We picked the wrong day to visit really as although the weather was meant to be dry it actually ended up being a bit drizzly. Not ones to be put off by a little rain we decided to have a bit of a walk around the nineteen acre park first and then we could head to The Jungle Experience if the heavens opened.
The park is really clean and well maintained, we explored some of the planted areas, found the outdoor paddling pool (obviously not in use yet!) and then headed to the play area. The playground is described as inclusive and it really is, all to often I think the equipment to children with physical disabilities is an afterthought or the children are seperated but here the equipment is really accessible to all meaning the children can all play together. The boys enjoyed the playground in the way that children do and even though it was a grey Tuesday there were several families there so it seems that it is popular.
I also noted that there were lots of picnic tables by the playground, perfect for summer picnics.

After a bit of a play it then started to rain so we took the short stroll over The Jungle Experience which is a botanical garden home to plants, butterflies, fish and various animals. It cost the 4 of us just £2 entry which is a total bargain.
While not as large as Tropical World in Leeds, The Jungle Experience is a great size for children and there are information boards throughout with easy to understand information. I loved the beautiful orchids while the Alex fell in love with the terrapins. We all enjoyed the butterflies, both the ones flying around inside and being able to see the pupae in their glass case.

We really enjoyed our couple of hours at Manor Heath and will definitely head back with a picnic when the weather warms up to make use of the paddling pool.

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