Monday, 28 March 2016 a bear with a sore head

So here I am, overdue and baby is still hanging on in there and I am literally like a bear with a sore head right now. I have tried not to be too moany on social media but I figure I have blogged my whole pregnancy and reading this back in a few months will probably remind me not to get broody again!
Overdue bump, 40 weeks

This may be my third baby but it is the most pregnant I have ever been, I went into labour on my due date with Seb, and Alex was born at 39+6. I (naively) had decided baby would be here for Easter, even buying him a cute little pair of bunny leggings to wear this weekend.

I have found this week pretty hard to be honest, i am so glad that it has been the bank holiday weekend so Phil has been home to help with the boys or it would have been a very grumpy Easter indeed!
I feel so frustrated right now, particularly as I have had terrible backache last night combined with semi painful contractions through the night keeping me awake only for them to stop dead this morning. Lazing about at home just been makes me feel worse so today we have been to the supermarket (so exciting), had some lunch and then went to the park where I even had a go on the see saw to see if it did anything. I can't go anywhere without comments from strangers on my clearly overdue state and while I know they are just being friendly it is so bloody irritating to have to repeat myself again and again.

The longer I am pregnant for the more I feel my vba2c chances are slipping away. I am booked in for a c section this week and I will be so disappointed if I don't get the chance to labour particularly after fighting my corner when I know that some people think I should have just booked in for another c section. The thought of the operation is making me feel anxious, particularly the stay in hospital and recovery while trying to look after a newborn and both boys.

So there we have it, my moany overdue post. Tomorrow i have to go to the hospital for bloods to be taken and my midwife Come on baby, we want to meet you!

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