Thursday, 24 March 2016

Potato Print Easter Eggs

I do love a good craft session to go along with the seasons or celebrations. With Easter falling this weekend we have been busy baking, glueing and painting with an eggy theme.

After our recent potato print ladybirds I thought it would be fun to make some potato print Easter Eggs. I mixed up some pretty Eastery coloured paints, halved some oval potatoes and let the boys get busy printing with them. Basic potato printing like this is so easy, if your child is younger or struggles to pick the potato up just push a fork into the potato to use as a handle.

Once they were dry I cut out the egg shapes and we used some Sharpies to decorate them. I love how careful Sebastian was making different patterns on his and using different colour pens. These would be fab to decorate Easter cards or to turn into mini bunting.

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