Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Potato Print Ladybirds

Parents up and down the UK will know that it is World Book Day is this week and I asked the boys to each choose a book and we would do some activities around it. Alex chose What the Ladybird Heard Next by Julia Donaldson, it wasn't a huge surprise as we have to read it all of the time!
What the ladybird heard next

I figured we could use the lonely potato in my cupboard starting to sprout to make some potato print ladybirds. Printing with fruit and veg is fun and can be enjoyed by babies and older children and to be honest even I find it enjoyable. For children is a good way to get hands on with food, explore the texture of everyday ingredients both inside and out and of course get messy with paint! For younger children who may find it difficult to get a grip on the potato simply push a fork in and use it as a handle. Potato print ladybirds

Of course alongside the lonely potato I needed some redpainted to make the ladybird body and some black paint for the spots. The boys made several potato prints and then used their fingerprints to add black spots. We left them to dry and then  stu kon slme googly eyes and I added some detailing with a sharpie to finish them off.
Potato print ladybirds

Stay tuned for some handprint fun next!

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