Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Soreen Squidgy Cake Minis

We are all familiar with Soreen and their famous malt loaves which are a staple for many a kitchen cupboard. But have you seen their brand new mini Squidgy cakes?

Available in two flavours toffee and chocolate these cake minis have 60% less fat and 50% less sugar than standard cake and come individually wrapped for freshness making them ideal for lunchboxes or snacking while out and about. We were sent some lovely squidgy samples to try out this week and I had two very excited boys when they spotted a Soreen box had arrived so I let them have first dibs.

Alex opted for the toffee flavour, described as a toffee and malt cake bar with toffee pieces. The bar is golden in colour and has the Soreen malty taste with a generous amount of small toffee flavoured pieces distributed throughout.

Seb went straight for the chocolate flavour, described as a chocolate and malt cake bar with chocolate chips. Again this had the malty flavour you expect from Soreen with lots of yummy chocolate chips throughout the cake bar.

The cake bars are definitely more malt loafy than cakey in consistency but they are yummy and a huge hit with my boys who think they are a real treat to eat. We have had them as afternoon snacks as they are perfect size for that and delicious with a cup of tea. I also gave them to the boys as a pudding with some strawberries and squirty cream.

Available to buy from Tesco now.

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**We received these samples for the purpose of this post but all opinions are my own**

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