Friday, 25 March 2016

Top 5 ways to relax

When you become a mum one of the things you quickly realise is that your time to relax is drastically reduced. There seems to be a never ending listhe of jobs to get done but it is still important to take some time for yourself, so today I am sharing my top 5 ways to relax.

A hot bath I am a bath girl and always have been, for me there there is nothing quite as relaxing as sinking into a lovely hot bath filled with bubbles or oils. Even better if someone else has run it for you.

A good book I read far less than I used too(unless you include Roald Dahl and Julia Donaldson) but I still make the effort to get lost in a good book. I tend to buy them from charity shops but occasionally will have an Amazon splurge. I love getting lost in a book. I am currently using Goodreads and have a target of 40 books to read this year.

Painting my nails I used to paint my nails religiously and they were always neat, these days they ate usually chipped but I do love the process of sitting down and making them look pretty.

Browse Pintrest I can get lost in Pintrest for hours, there is just so much to see on there for any possible subject, even if most of it up is way beyond my skill level!

Baking I rarely bake without a small assistant these days which is always fun but I do still love to create something delicious without wrestling the flour off a 3 year old! There is something satisfying about making something with some simple ingredients.

How do you relax?

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