Saturday, 30 April 2016

Family Board Game Night

I posted earlier this week about National Board Games Week and how you can join in to win a bundle of board games for your family.

We have a huge stash of board games so for us it was the perfect excuse to spend last night getting out our favourite games and having a family board game night(popcorn optional). Games are such a fun way to spend time together, plus they are a great learning tool for children.

As you can see the boys got stuck in and thoroughly enjoyed playing as a family. We were sent Operation to celebrate Board Game Week and i'm not sure if they enjoyed taking the pieces out more or deliberately making the game buzz and the nose light up! My own personal favourite is Guess Who? The questions a 5 year old comes out with are hilarious.

Here are my 5 top tips for a family games night

  1. Think about who is playing and plan accordingly. Small children aren't going to sit through hours of adults playing classic Monopoly and nor will they understand the rules. Try quick, simple games like Operation or Connect 4. 
  2. Turn off technology. TV, tablets and phones are a distraction from the family fun, switch them off. 
  3. Have snacks! We went for popcorn but you could get really inventive, try Pintrest for inspiration. 
  4. Take breaks. We all need time out for drinks, toilet breaks or simply to have a stretch. 
  5. Be a good sport. You can't expect the children to be good sports unless you are yourself! 

**We received a game for the purpose of this post,  all opinions are my own**

Chicken and Bacon Baked Omelette

I often end up with a glut of eggs and find that omelettes are the perfect way to use them up. Eggs are a great source of protein and also contain Iron which I am low on since having Barney. The boys aren't overly keen on eating eggs in other ways so I try to sneak an omelette or two in each week for some extra protein.

I saw this Baked Denver Omelette over on The English Kitchen and it inspired me to make my own using up leftovers from the fridge. Whilst it takes longer than cooking on the hob, it is really delicious and worth making. I didn't measure out the fillings for the omelette,  just used up what I had in the fridge and the following made enough for me and both boys who have good appetites on them. You can pick and choose what to add or how much cheese to use(we like ours cheesy!)

5 eggs
75ml milk
Bacon lardons
Cooked Chicken breast,
Pepper, diced
Onion, diced
Cheddar Cheese, grated

Preheat the oven to 180°, grease your dish or tin(I used a cooking spray) to stop the omelette from sticking. Crack the eggs into a bowl and add the milk, whisk together, put to one side.
Fry off the lardons, pepper and onion until cooked, add to the bottom your dish along with the cooked chicken breast and sprinkle the grated cheese over the top. Pour the egg and milk mixture over the top.
Bake for 25 minutes until golden on top. Slice and serve.

Thursday, 28 April 2016

National Board Games Week

This week (25th April to 1st May) is National Board Games Week and families across the UK are battling it out to be crowned games champion.

The UK’s leading pork pie manufacturers, Pork Farms is celebrating the nation’s favourite pastime during the first National Board Games Week, starting on April 25, and your family could win a board games bundle plus a year’s supply of Pork Farms’ pork pies by getting involved.
Kim Burgess, Head of Markets for Pork Farms said: “Britain's love board games and enjoy time spent with our loved ones, so why not celebrate this, and who better than a well-loved British brand like Pork Farms to deliver it!”

In this house we are huge board game fans, we love to play both as a whole family and even on date nights Phil and I have been known to get out Cluedo or Monopoly to play along with a drink or two. We have a family board game evening planned this weekend in honour of National Board Game Week. 

To be in with the chance to win a board games bundle plus a years supply of Pork Farms' pork pies all you and your family have to do is register at Board Games Championships   and play either one or all of the family favourite board games listed on the site, including Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Connect 4, Jenga and Guess Who?
Then, complete the specially-created Pork Farms' Board Game Bingo Cards for each game you play, and share your results with us online.
And if you don't have one of these board games, but have some different favourites of your own, we have also created a blank Board Game Bingo Card to create and input your own challenges.
We will also share with you top tips and tactics on how to hold a fantastic family board games night, and the best images uploaded to our online gallery will be in with a chance of winning those fantastic prizes.

I'll be blogging about our board game night over the weekend, check back to see how we get on!

Monday, 25 April 2016

Meal Planning Monday 25/4

Happy Monday Meal Planners!

How is it the last week of April already? We did well again last week, there was only one meal that we missed and that was just because we were exhausted and didn't actually eat any dinner that night. We took advantage of the nice weather and managed to eat out in the garden a few times, the boys absolutely love eating outdoors and I like that my kitchen  floor gets a break from food being dropped on it.

We did our shop at Iceland with the vouchers we had and I was amazed at some of the prices. I will definitely we popping in again for freezer essentials. This week though, I am back to shopping online with Morrisons. 

This week is set to be fairly busy, with various medical appointments, a new group to try and Phil is working nights over the weekend so it will just be me and the boys eating those evenings. 

Monday Cottage Pie
Tuesday Fish Pie
Wednesday M&S Crispbakes with chips and peas
Thursday Posh Hot Dogs and onions with Sweet Potato Fries and sweetcorn 
Friday Slow Cooked Pasta bolognese
Saturday Fish Fingers, mash and green beans
Sunday Pasta Pesto and peas

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Sunday, 24 April 2016

Five tips for buying reduced food

I love a bargain, take a look in my freezer and you will find various food items sporting reduced stickers that I have picked up. While I don't deliberately go to the supermarket for reduction time,  I do always take a peek at the yellow stickered items when there and often come away with something, our butchers also often sell off meat at a reduced prices, in fact tonights lasagne is being made with some reduced mince.

Sometimes people are skeptical about buying reduced food but if you do it right you can really save some money on the weekly shop. Of course sometimes you will have no luck but if you are in the right place at the right time you can get some real bargains, i still talk wistfully about the whole organic chicken that i picked up in Marks and Spencers for £1. It made an amazing roast dinner plus leftovers and I got a buzz from bagging such a bargain!

  • Work out when your local supermarket does their reductions. This seems to vary quite a lot, for example a couple of of local supermarkets do first reductions early afternoon, other not until the evening. We tend to go to the suoermarket mid afternoon which seems to be a good time locally. You can work is out through experience or try asking a member of staff. 
  • Check the dates, while mostly the items will be about to turn, some places reduce things sooner, perhaps due to overstock or items not selling as well as expected. 
  • Check the quality and freshness of the food. Make sure any meat or fish is ok, bakery products aren't squashed and broken etc. 
  • Only buy what you have space to store, do you really have space in the freezer for 10 loaves of bread? 
  • Only buy what you will use. It isn't a bargain if you don't use it. That bag of ripe bananas may only be 20p and yes you could made several loaves of banana bread with it but if you are just going to end up throwing them away it is a waste. 
Do you buy reduced food? What tip would you give?

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Tickled Pink Animal Onesies Review

Dressing up is always fun and you can often find the boys dressed in some of our various costumes and accessories, particularly Alex.  One thing we do lack is animal costumes so when an email popped into my inbox from Tickled Pink Fancy Dress, asking if we would like to review an animal onesie I had to say yes.

We were sent a Kids Kigurumi Panda costume to try out. The first thing I noticed when I opened up the costume was the great quality, the fabric is thick and soft and it feels like it will be long lasting which is something often lacking in children's dressing up clothes.

I asked for the size Small which fits children ages 3 through to 5. Both boys were able to wear the costume, despite their different height and build, it looked great on both of them. They both loved wearing it, I think they look adorable and the Panda ears and tail are cute details. It was easy for them to get on and off, with generous leg and arm holes and a button up front.  It is also very comfortable,  in fact Seb wore it for a whole afternoon.

The Panda costume retails at £32.99 and £2 from each sale is donated to Pandas International to help save Pandas from extinction. You can find this Panda onesie plus a whole host of other animal onesies available at Tickled Pink right now. 

**We received the item for the purpose of this review, all opinions are my own**

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Potato Print Earth Day Activity

Tomorrow is Earth Day. Celebrated annually since 1970, it is a day to reflect on our planet and what we can do to keep it healthy.

I wanted to do a craft to open up the conversation about Earth Day and I had seen these fab balloon earth prints on pintrest and thought the boys would enjoy the craft but with a lack of balloons in the house I reached for our faithful favourite, the potato.

With the lovely weather we have had this week, we got to take our crafting outside for the first time this year! Bonus.

The prints couldn't be easier, simply squirt some green and blue paint into a container and use the potato as a stamp.  As more prints are made the paints will swirl together. As always with potato printing, if your child struggles to grip the potato push a fork into it to use as a handle.

While printing we talked about the earth and the things we do to look after our planet such as recycling, growing plants and food, using cloth nappies on the baby and feeding the birds. Little parts of our every day life that look after our environment.

I think that our prints came out really well and the boys enjoyed holding the world in their hands.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

The Last One

When I fell pregnant with Barnaby we had decided number three would be our last child, however as I went through my pregnancy we found ourselves talking about the possibility of a baby number four in the future once the boys had grown a little. It wasn't a definite, more of a never say never.

Fast forward to me being laid in theatre, desperate to be reunited with my baby who had been taken for tests and being told that it would be too dangerous for me to have more children, that we should now consider some form of permanent contraception and me nodding along, my heart and head in special care with my newborn and not really taking in the enormity of what the consultant was saying. It slowly sank in over the next few days and it still is sinking in and I feel pretty raw to be honest.

Being told no more children has been a pretty huge blow to us both. When so many people struggle to have one child, i know that i am incredibly lucky to have carried and be mum to three healthy little boys and I will forever be grateful for that, they are amazing and are my everything but I still feel a huge hole in my heart knowing that there will be no more.
I love being a mum and like to think I am pretty good at it, i have always loved children and i grew up envisioning myself with a whole brood of children, Phil and I joked that if we won the lottery we would buy a huge house and fill it with children. We have so much love to give.  So I feel let down by my body and I feel weirdly guilty that I couldn't just give birth naturally instead of having c sections and then there would be no issues stopping our family from growing if we chose too.

Having three boys means that inevitably I have already had and will continue to have people, strangers ask about trying for a girl which then means I have to put on a happy jokey face and say "oooh no, this is our last, hahaha" or if I do know them, perhaps tell them the truth and face the sympathy. I have been that person making well meaning comments in the past and I know they mean no harm but already I wish people didn't ask.

As I write this I have Barnaby laid on my chest fast asleep in that totally relaxed way that only newborns do, i am listening to his little grunts and snuffles and i can smell that tiny baby smell, this stage lasts such a short time and I can't quite believe I won't be doing it again.

Monday, 18 April 2016

Meal Planning Monday 18/4

Happy Monday meal planners! I hope everyone is well this week?

We did well with our last week and ate 6 of our meals, the gammon is rolling over to today instead. I am really pleased as when I had Sebastian and Alexander we ate lots of takeaways in the first couple of weeks and I wanted to avoid that this time around. I stupidly did a shop with Asda online as I only wanted a few bits and Asda have a £25 minimum spend compared to everyone else's £40. Guess what we got lots of sub items even on a small order, and the fruit went off very quickly. I will stick with Morrisons in future or pop to the store if I just want a small shop.
Our favourite meal of the week was the baked omelette on Friday it was so nice and is a really adapatable meal, to use up leftovers in the fridge. I had planned to write a recipe up but I didn't get a chance to take photos as Barney was having none of it!

This week is a budget week, I am using up some bits from the freezer plus we were given some Iceland vouchers so instead of an online shop I am going to use those up. I don't often go into Iceland to be honest but i have looked at the website for meal ideas and they do some fab offers and it is always handy to have easy freezer items in. Any extras that we need, we can pop to Aldi for. That means I have been writing a shopping list which I never do, it feels very old fashioned.

Monday Slow cooked gammon with creamy mash and green beans
Tuesday Cheesy Gammon and sweetcorn pasta using up leftover gammon from yesterday)
Wednesday Burgers from freezer with sweet potato fries and peas
Thursday Pizza, garlic bread and salad
Friday Chicken, spinach and potato curry with either rice or naan
Saturday Chicken Dippers and chips with sweetcorn
Sunday Lasagne

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Sunday, 17 April 2016

March Degustabox Review and discount code

It’s time for my March Degustabox review and discount code offer for my readers! Yes that’s right the fab team at Degustabox are offering an amazing £6 off your first box, all you need to do is sign up using the code BLDEG15 and you will receive your first box for just £6.99.

If you haven’t heard of Degustabox before, it is a monthly food and drink subscription box containing items from both well loved and new brands so you can discover delicious new flavours each month. We have been lucky enough to have been reviewing these boxes for over a year now, and i genuinely love them especially as the contents are a total surprise until you open the box, plus the delivery service is excellent. You can see my thoughts on previous boxes and some recipes I have made with products received in the boxes here.  Recently Degustabox introduced DB Discoveries a way to introduce us to smaller and less known brands to us. Onto this month's contents which focused on Easter and breakfast.

Lindt These beautiful gold wrapped bunnies are an Easter must have and this white chocolate version was a real treat. I must confess I saved it until the boys were in bed and Phil was on a night shift and ate it all myself. Smooth and creamy like chocolate should be.

Chewits Most of us grew up with Chewits(does anyone else remember ice cream flavour?), I always thought they were a product of the 80's but they are actually celebrating their 50th birthday. 

DB Discoveries Good Hemp I have tried a couple of milk alternatives in the past but never a hemp one so I was interested to see what I could do with this. I have used it for making porridge and also when making banana muffins and it worked well both times. 

Weetabix On the go breakfast drink These handy drinks contain all the fibre and energy of Weetabix cereal with milk plus they have an extra 20g of protein. Breakfast time is a bit hectic here at the moment, so i tried these drinks when i didn't have time to make myself anything and found that they tasted really nice and kept me going until lunch.

 Brioche Pasquier Pain Au Chocolat We love Brioche Pasquier products and have been lucky enough to try some in previous Degustaboxes. These Pain Au Chocolat are no exception, a gorgeous breakfast treat that the whole family enjoyed.

Metcalfes Skinny Popcorn Popcorn is always a popular treat for us and this sharing bag of cinema sweet flavoured popcorn was the perfect addition to our movie afternoon. I popped it into bowls along with fresh fruit and we all enjoyed it plus the popcorn is only 93 calories per serving. 

Kallo Quinoa and Seeds Multigrain Cakes Although I am familiar with the Kallo brand these multigrain cakes are new to me. They contain a mix of sunflower, sesame amd pumokin seeds. Unfortunately these weren't to my taste although the boys seem to enjoy them. 

Kallo Milk Chocolate Rice Cakes A Kallo product I am already a big fan of, i was so pleased to find them in my box. They make an ideal quick sweet snack to keep you going without reaching for the bisuit tin, perfect if like me you have a new baby and need to grab and eat quickly. 

Parle Monaco A light crispy biscuit sprinkled with salt these lovely little savoury treats are ridiculously morish, lovely on their own I also tried some with soft cheese and it made a delicious combo. I can't believe they are only 39p!

Parle Hide & Seek Another bargain biscuit from Parle, these are chocolate chip cookies. Absolutely perfect as an afternoon treat alongside a cup of tea.

Pipers Crisps Cheddar and Onion Flavour Sharing sized bags of crisps make perfect movie watching snacks or a great picnic addition. Pipers Crisps aim to make Britain's tastiest potato crisp and since 2007 they have won 23 Gold Great Taste Awards and have recently been voted best snack brand by the readers of Fine Food Digest for the fourth year in a row. With that in mind I knew we were in for a treat! These crisps are so good, crunchy and full of flavour, you might want to eat them all yourself!

Kents Kitchen Cranberry and Orange Stuffing We have tried a few Kents Kitchen products before and have always been really impressed with them but I had no idea that they made stuffing! Made with natural ingredients including chunky fruit, herbs and spices they are so easy to made by simply adding water, stirring and baking. I found the stuffing really yummy and fruity, perfect alongside a Sunday roast.

Karyatis Meze to Go Why not bring a taste of the Mediterranean to your everyday snacking? Rosemary crackers along with a sweet and smokey roasted red pepper and tangy feta dip in an easy to carry box. This is the only product I haven'tyet managed to try from this month's box, I will be trying them this week as an afternoon snack with the boys and will update with my thoughts.

I was so impressed with this month's box, I thought it was a nice mix of products both sweet and savoury plus who wouldn't enjoy a Lindt bunny? The value of the products compared to the price of the box was as always fantastic.  As I mentioned at the start of my post you can get £6 off your first box, simply sign up at Degustabox and use the code BLDEG15 for your discount.

You can also Degustabox on Facebook and follow them over on Twitter or Instagram to keep up to date with the latest information.

Family Fever
**I was sent the box for the purpose of this post but all opinions are my own**

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Barnaby at two weeks old

I know it is a cliché but time is flying and Barnaby is already two weeks old, I can't believe how fast that has gone. I guess spending the first few days in hospital doesn't help. Phil has gone back to work this week so I have had a few days (and one night) on my own with all three boys and it has been okay so far the odd moment where I haven't had enough hands for everyone but that's to be expected. I thought I would do an update of how we have been getting on and share some photos from the last couple of weeks.

Barney was born at 8lb 9oz and he lost 7% of his birth weight but was up again to 8lb 12oz by 13 days old. After giving the colostrum for the first few days and then mixed feeding for a few days he is now fully formula fed through choice. I could feel myself getting stressed out with breastfeeding and I want to enjoy this time without that stress, i think as a third time mum i am alot more relaxed making that choice. He takes around 3 to 4oz at each feed at the moment which seems to suit him for now.

During the day he is starting to have more time awake. He obviously still sleeps lots but will have an hour or so awake at a time and I have started to give him tummy time and also read to him and the boys all at the same time. He likes being sung too as well, someone appreciates my singing at least! Every day he seems to have a little bit of a grizzly time, where he is grumpy which I think is due to trapped wind as he isn't a fan of bringing it up. We are following his lead with sleeping and feeding so no routine. 

We have been very lucky with his night sleep so far. He was waking get twice for milk but for the last 3 nights he has only been waking once to have his milk and nappy change and then settles back in his crib. Last night for example he fed at 11pm then woke up 3.30am and then went back down until 7.15am. I am very greatful for this, I remember the newborn days with Alex only too well.

The midwives are happy with him but haven't discharged us yet as his cord is still hanging on, they are coming out next week just to check it again though if it comes off before I can just let them know. We were holding off giving him a bath until his cord came off but the midwife who came this week said to just give him one so we did. As with the boys Phil shared the bath with him and Barney loved it, he was so chilled out, though not to relaxed when I got him out and massaged him and got him dressed!

The boys have taken to him just fine(so far). I was worried about jealousy particularly with Alex but it hasn't happened yet. They are very keen to help him if he cries, check on him and push his pram. Now I am able to get around a bit better we can start having days out again and enjoying ourselves as a family of 5.

Friday, 15 April 2016

Recovery from a third cesarean section

April is Cesarean Awareness Month, so I thought as I am two weeks post my third c section I would post how I have found my recovery so far.

My c section this time was pretty traumatic and it has definitely been the hardest recovery of the three for me. When I had Sebastian,  I was off of painkillers after a couple of days and felt physically fine, with Alex it took me slightly longer to recover but still I was able to head to the supermarket with him in a sling within a week.

This time my body definitely feels like it has taken a real battering.  For the first week I was in quite a bit of pain and I took my full course of painkillers. Getting out of bed in the morning was excruciating, like my wound was burning and was going to burst open and I would walk hunched over. I also had internal pain where the surgeons worked inside cutting and resewing the adhesions, this is a pain I didn't have with my previous c sections. I didn't feel up to going out really though we did venture out on day 6 just for an hour and I was left feeling awful and exhausted. I had Phil helping me get in an out of the shower as I couldn't manage it by myself.
Since that first week I have mostly gone without painkillers though I have ended up feeling very tender and sore in the evenings when we have had a busy day. I have been able to shower alone which felt so good!

So far my scar seems to be healing well, I keep it clean with plain water and gently pat dry, make sure it gets some air regularly and leave it alone apart from that. I did the same with my other sections and managed to avoid scar infection, so fingers crossed it works again. 

I lost quite a bit of blood when Barney was born and the surgeons apparently gave me a pretty thorough clean out because of the infection that they found in my uterus and fallopian tube, which has meant that my blood loss has been far less than with my previous sections. People often don't realise you bleed with a c section but my own experience was of bleeding for 6 weeks each time so I am expecting a similar length of time again.

I'll be honest and say that i have found my recovery really frustrating this time. I feel like i tire so easily even though Barney is a pretty decent sleeper,  I am desperate to hoover but i have been banned, I want to be able to run around with the boys like normal and swing them around but they are just too heavy for me to lift right now, I have found it hard to not be sat on the floor playing with them as it is still awkward and sore to get back up again. I have been desperate for a long hot bubbly bath but I have been too tender to climb in and out of the bath (hoping for one this weekend though!). I know I will soon be able to do all of this again but I feel like I am missing out.
Although my c section wasn't planned I feel okay about it, I got to labour and I got to see and hear my baby being born, those things were really important to me.

As for how my body looks..well I am not even worrying about that right now. I am back into my normal clothes but I do have the horrible post c section stomach. I will start thinking about that in a few weeks!

If you would like to read my cesarean birth stories you can. My first was under general anaesthetic, my second was elective and my third was a failed vba2c and I was in theatre for around 3 hours due to complications. 

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

St Georges Day activities

It's St Georges Day on 23rd April and as I mentioned in my Spring Learning Plans it is something I wanted to cover this year. I don't remember ever learning about it at school.
We have had a couple of days where we are waiting around this week for the midwife and health visitor so I thought i'd set up some simple activities to keep the boys entertained.

As ever Twinkl is my go to website for resources, i find it so easy to find a whole host of suitable printables in one place and that it can be filtered according to your needs.

I dug out our Happyland castle, cut a lake shape from some craft felt and added a dragon, knight and princess and set it out alongside the following printables.
  • St Georges Day Story Sequence Cards
  • Knight and Castle colouring pages
  • St Georges Day board game (laminated)
  • St Georges Day word mat (laminated)
  • Shield printouts
The boys wanted to get started before we had even had breakfast but I managed to delay them until Barney was sleeping so that I could sit with them.
We started with the story sequence cards, Seb read the story out and me and Alex matched up the pictures and we acted the story our with our Happyland figures, Then we did some colouring, we talked about the knights suit of armour, and what it was made of and Seb was curious how people moved around in them. We visited the Royal Armouries in Leeds a few months ago so I reminded the boys of the armour we had seen there and showed them some photos of the armour we saw there including the horse armour and amazing elephant armour to remind them.
We then designed some shields using shiny sticky backed paper, Alex went for the minimal look whilst Seb filled pretty much every available space.
Then we played the board game, it is really simple and the boys love games at the moment so I played with them a couple of times and then they played together. I will definitely be printing out more of these themed board games in the future.

Seb asked to make a lap book like we had done at Chinese New Year, so we have made a start on one with these printables and will add more bits over the next few days.

How are you celebrating St Georges Day?

Monday, 11 April 2016

Meal Planning Monday 11/4

Happy Monday Meal Planners!

Our first week at home as a family of 5 went pretty smoothly and we actually stuck to our meal plan. My appetite post c section has been pretty rubbish but I am forcing myself to at least eat something small.  This week sees Phil going back to work including a couple of night shifts so let's see how that works out for us!

Monday Homemade Calzone Pizzas with garlic and herb wedges
Tuesday Macaroni cheese
Wednesday Freezer dive 
Thursday Slow Cooker Leek and potato soup with bacon added and fresh bread
Friday Baked Omlette filled with whatever veg and either chicken or ham depending what I have in the fridge.
Saturday Slow cooker bolognese(defrosted from a batch cook) in stand and stuff tortillas
Sunday Slow cooked gammon with creamy mash and green beans

As usual I am linking up with Meal Planning Monday over on At Home With Mrs M.

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Sunday, 10 April 2016

Lush Dragons Egg Bath Bomb

I received a huge amount of Lush products at Christmas and for my birthday and am still working my way through them (with a few extra purchases of course!). I guess being pregnant limited what people could buy for me! I love receiving Lush gift sets as they usually give me the chance to try products I may not otherwise be drawn too.

One of those products is Dragons Egg Bath Bomb. I think it has been around for quite a while now but I have never tried it before.
Lush dragons egg bath bomb

The bath bomb itself has a citrus scent (it contains both Lemon and Bergamot oils) and reminded me of proper old fashioned lemonade which I found I really liked. To look at the bath bomb is creamy white and fairly plain to look at but don't let that fool you!

Pop it into a run bath and watch it fizz, starting with a milky colour with bubbles and then they dissapear leaving a glittery golden core and you end up with super soft golden glittery water along with popping candy for sound effects plus the gorgeous lemon scent lingering in the air.
Lush dragons egg bath bomb

Lush dragons egg bath bomb

I know some people avoid the glittery bath bombs but I didn't find that the glitter particularly stayed on my skin and it washed out of the bath easily with a rinse of the shower. I was left with the lemon scent on my skin though and found this lingered on me pleasantly.
Lush dragons egg bath bomb

Lush Dragons Egg is priced at £3.50 and is available now!

Friday, 8 April 2016

Slumbersac Review

Shortly before my little Barney made his entrance into the world I was sent some information about Slumbersac sleeping bags and was given the chance to try one our with the newest member of our family.

Slumbersac sleeping bags are the safe and comfortable way for all babies, toddlers and children upto 10 years old to sleep.  They completely replace the need for traditional sheets, blankets and duvets while keeping your child at a comfortable temperature with plenty of room to stretch and move around.

I opted to try a Summer Simply Sleeping Bag in blue stripes as our house is quite warm and as we were expecting a biggish baby I went for 0-6 months in size.  When looking at the website I found that there was lots of useful guidence to help you choose the right size and tog for your baby, this is so handy especially for those who may not have used sleeping bags before.

My first impression of the sleeping bag when it arrived was of how lovely and soft it felt. It is made of 100% jersey cotton and lined with 100% cotton so I knew it would be comfortable for Barney to sleep in. I like the simple stripe design and it's really nice and roomy.

What I really like about the Slumbersac is the ease of use. When it comes to nightfeeds we simply lift Barney out of his crib still in his sleep bag so he doesn't notice any change in temperature and we aren't wrestling with blankets, and the zip makes for easy nappy changes in the night. Another huge bonus of the is that they are easy to wash and dry,  they just go in the washing machine on a normal 40° wash and can also be tumble dried, any parent who has experienced middle of the night sickness or nappy leaks will tell you how valuable this is!

We really rate our Slumbersac, I definitely recommend them to other parents with babies and young children. To keep up to date with Slumbersac pop over and like them on Facebook or follow on Twitter.

**We were sent a Slumbersac for the purpose of this post but all opinions are my own**
Family Fever

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Baby boys summer wardrobe lust list

I am so looking forward to some warm summer days with a young baby, i can see us laid on a picnic rug with Barneys little legs peeping out of a romper and I have already been window shopping for baby boy summer wardrobe.

1. How funky is this banana print vest, I would never have guessed it was from good old M&S!

2. I love Maxomorra for their bright funky prints and this seasons lion print is just lovely. This romper is perfect for a sunny day and you can buy it at Kyna Boutique.

3. This rainbow striped vest from Polarn O Pyret will definitely be winging it's way to our house when it is released in May.

4. I am a massive fan of Little Bird at Mothercare for the boys and this orange romper is gorgeously bright and retro.

5. Duns is another fab brand which offers up some fab funky prints.  I love this veg print romper, perfect for summer. Available from Hei Moose

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