Saturday, 16 April 2016

Barnaby at two weeks old

I know it is a cliché but time is flying and Barnaby is already two weeks old, I can't believe how fast that has gone. I guess spending the first few days in hospital doesn't help. Phil has gone back to work this week so I have had a few days (and one night) on my own with all three boys and it has been okay so far the odd moment where I haven't had enough hands for everyone but that's to be expected. I thought I would do an update of how we have been getting on and share some photos from the last couple of weeks.

Barney was born at 8lb 9oz and he lost 7% of his birth weight but was up again to 8lb 12oz by 13 days old. After giving the colostrum for the first few days and then mixed feeding for a few days he is now fully formula fed through choice. I could feel myself getting stressed out with breastfeeding and I want to enjoy this time without that stress, i think as a third time mum i am alot more relaxed making that choice. He takes around 3 to 4oz at each feed at the moment which seems to suit him for now.

During the day he is starting to have more time awake. He obviously still sleeps lots but will have an hour or so awake at a time and I have started to give him tummy time and also read to him and the boys all at the same time. He likes being sung too as well, someone appreciates my singing at least! Every day he seems to have a little bit of a grizzly time, where he is grumpy which I think is due to trapped wind as he isn't a fan of bringing it up. We are following his lead with sleeping and feeding so no routine. 

We have been very lucky with his night sleep so far. He was waking get twice for milk but for the last 3 nights he has only been waking once to have his milk and nappy change and then settles back in his crib. Last night for example he fed at 11pm then woke up 3.30am and then went back down until 7.15am. I am very greatful for this, I remember the newborn days with Alex only too well.

The midwives are happy with him but haven't discharged us yet as his cord is still hanging on, they are coming out next week just to check it again though if it comes off before I can just let them know. We were holding off giving him a bath until his cord came off but the midwife who came this week said to just give him one so we did. As with the boys Phil shared the bath with him and Barney loved it, he was so chilled out, though not to relaxed when I got him out and massaged him and got him dressed!

The boys have taken to him just fine(so far). I was worried about jealousy particularly with Alex but it hasn't happened yet. They are very keen to help him if he cries, check on him and push his pram. Now I am able to get around a bit better we can start having days out again and enjoying ourselves as a family of 5.

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