Saturday, 2 April 2016

Easy Homemade Bird Feeders

Over the last few years the boys and I have made various homemade bird feeders to put in the garden, from pipe cleaners with cereal to apple feeders smothered in peanut butter. We are lucky enough to get lots of bird visitors to our garden helped by us having a small woodland behind our house and love to feed them and watch them.

At the end of January we took part in The Big Garden Birdwatch and so to make sure we had plenty of bird visitors we made some new feeders using a recipe from the RSPB. These were really easy and fun to made as the boys could (literally) get stuck into it.

Plastic cups/ yogurt pots
Wild bird seed
Lard(softened, and cubed)
Grated cheese

Place the cubed lard, bird seed, cheese, raisins and peanuts into a large bowl. Combine together using your hands (this can get very messy!), squish it all until it clumps together. Using some sharp scissors make a small hole in the bottom of your cups and thread some string through and knot on the inside. Then pack the cup with the lard /seed combo.
Chill for an hour or two and then take outside and use the string to tie them to tree branches or bird tables.

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