Saturday, 30 April 2016

Family Board Game Night

I posted earlier this week about National Board Games Week and how you can join in to win a bundle of board games for your family.

We have a huge stash of board games so for us it was the perfect excuse to spend last night getting out our favourite games and having a family board game night(popcorn optional). Games are such a fun way to spend time together, plus they are a great learning tool for children.

As you can see the boys got stuck in and thoroughly enjoyed playing as a family. We were sent Operation to celebrate Board Game Week and i'm not sure if they enjoyed taking the pieces out more or deliberately making the game buzz and the nose light up! My own personal favourite is Guess Who? The questions a 5 year old comes out with are hilarious.

Here are my 5 top tips for a family games night

  1. Think about who is playing and plan accordingly. Small children aren't going to sit through hours of adults playing classic Monopoly and nor will they understand the rules. Try quick, simple games like Operation or Connect 4. 
  2. Turn off technology. TV, tablets and phones are a distraction from the family fun, switch them off. 
  3. Have snacks! We went for popcorn but you could get really inventive, try Pintrest for inspiration. 
  4. Take breaks. We all need time out for drinks, toilet breaks or simply to have a stretch. 
  5. Be a good sport. You can't expect the children to be good sports unless you are yourself! 

**We received a game for the purpose of this post,  all opinions are my own**

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