Sunday, 24 April 2016

Five tips for buying reduced food

I love a bargain, take a look in my freezer and you will find various food items sporting reduced stickers that I have picked up. While I don't deliberately go to the supermarket for reduction time,  I do always take a peek at the yellow stickered items when there and often come away with something, our butchers also often sell off meat at a reduced prices, in fact tonights lasagne is being made with some reduced mince.

Sometimes people are skeptical about buying reduced food but if you do it right you can really save some money on the weekly shop. Of course sometimes you will have no luck but if you are in the right place at the right time you can get some real bargains, i still talk wistfully about the whole organic chicken that i picked up in Marks and Spencers for £1. It made an amazing roast dinner plus leftovers and I got a buzz from bagging such a bargain!

  • Work out when your local supermarket does their reductions. This seems to vary quite a lot, for example a couple of of local supermarkets do first reductions early afternoon, other not until the evening. We tend to go to the suoermarket mid afternoon which seems to be a good time locally. You can work is out through experience or try asking a member of staff. 
  • Check the dates, while mostly the items will be about to turn, some places reduce things sooner, perhaps due to overstock or items not selling as well as expected. 
  • Check the quality and freshness of the food. Make sure any meat or fish is ok, bakery products aren't squashed and broken etc. 
  • Only buy what you have space to store, do you really have space in the freezer for 10 loaves of bread? 
  • Only buy what you will use. It isn't a bargain if you don't use it. That bag of ripe bananas may only be 20p and yes you could made several loaves of banana bread with it but if you are just going to end up throwing them away it is a waste. 
Do you buy reduced food? What tip would you give?

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