Friday, 1 April 2016

Lush Pop in the Bath Bubble Bar

As someone who has a long term addiction to Lush bath products it was kind of inevitable that I would pass it in to my children. They both love choosing a bath treat and the most recent one was Pop in the Bath Bubble Bar.
Lush pop in the bath bubble bar

I have used this bar myself quite a few times, it is a staple products in the Lush range but recently it has a come out in a new formula and this is what we picked up. We had the option of blue or pink and Alex opted for a blue bar with a bright pink flower. The colours in the bar are super bright and I can see why it caught his eye.

Pop in the Bath Bubble bar is scented with bergamot, lemon and mandarin oils leaving it with a zesty fragrance.

We crumbled around a quarter of the bar under running water, the bath water turned bright blue and lovley soft bubbles started foaming up right away, if I was using it in an adult bath I would use a third or half of the bar but obviously the boys have their bath shallower than me and a quarter was plenty.
Lush pop in the bath bubble bar

The scent lingered during the bath but it wasn't overpowering and I didn't notice it on the boys skin afterwards. They enjoyed using it especially the bright blue water and lo get lasting bubbles.

At £3.45 I find this a good value Lush product as you can make it last several baths.

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