Monday, 18 April 2016

Meal Planning Monday 18/4

Happy Monday meal planners! I hope everyone is well this week?

We did well with our last week and ate 6 of our meals, the gammon is rolling over to today instead. I am really pleased as when I had Sebastian and Alexander we ate lots of takeaways in the first couple of weeks and I wanted to avoid that this time around. I stupidly did a shop with Asda online as I only wanted a few bits and Asda have a £25 minimum spend compared to everyone else's £40. Guess what we got lots of sub items even on a small order, and the fruit went off very quickly. I will stick with Morrisons in future or pop to the store if I just want a small shop.
Our favourite meal of the week was the baked omelette on Friday it was so nice and is a really adapatable meal, to use up leftovers in the fridge. I had planned to write a recipe up but I didn't get a chance to take photos as Barney was having none of it!

This week is a budget week, I am using up some bits from the freezer plus we were given some Iceland vouchers so instead of an online shop I am going to use those up. I don't often go into Iceland to be honest but i have looked at the website for meal ideas and they do some fab offers and it is always handy to have easy freezer items in. Any extras that we need, we can pop to Aldi for. That means I have been writing a shopping list which I never do, it feels very old fashioned.

Monday Slow cooked gammon with creamy mash and green beans
Tuesday Cheesy Gammon and sweetcorn pasta using up leftover gammon from yesterday)
Wednesday Burgers from freezer with sweet potato fries and peas
Thursday Pizza, garlic bread and salad
Friday Chicken, spinach and potato curry with either rice or naan
Saturday Chicken Dippers and chips with sweetcorn
Sunday Lasagne

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