Thursday, 21 April 2016

Potato Print Earth Day Activity

Tomorrow is Earth Day. Celebrated annually since 1970, it is a day to reflect on our planet and what we can do to keep it healthy.

I wanted to do a craft to open up the conversation about Earth Day and I had seen these fab balloon earth prints on pintrest and thought the boys would enjoy the craft but with a lack of balloons in the house I reached for our faithful favourite, the potato.

With the lovely weather we have had this week, we got to take our crafting outside for the first time this year! Bonus.

The prints couldn't be easier, simply squirt some green and blue paint into a container and use the potato as a stamp.  As more prints are made the paints will swirl together. As always with potato printing, if your child struggles to grip the potato push a fork into it to use as a handle.

While printing we talked about the earth and the things we do to look after our planet such as recycling, growing plants and food, using cloth nappies on the baby and feeding the birds. Little parts of our every day life that look after our environment.

I think that our prints came out really well and the boys enjoyed holding the world in their hands.

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