Friday, 15 April 2016

Recovery from a third cesarean section

April is Cesarean Awareness Month, so I thought as I am two weeks post my third c section I would post how I have found my recovery so far.

My c section this time was pretty traumatic and it has definitely been the hardest recovery of the three for me. When I had Sebastian,  I was off of painkillers after a couple of days and felt physically fine, with Alex it took me slightly longer to recover but still I was able to head to the supermarket with him in a sling within a week.

This time my body definitely feels like it has taken a real battering.  For the first week I was in quite a bit of pain and I took my full course of painkillers. Getting out of bed in the morning was excruciating, like my wound was burning and was going to burst open and I would walk hunched over. I also had internal pain where the surgeons worked inside cutting and resewing the adhesions, this is a pain I didn't have with my previous c sections. I didn't feel up to going out really though we did venture out on day 6 just for an hour and I was left feeling awful and exhausted. I had Phil helping me get in an out of the shower as I couldn't manage it by myself.
Since that first week I have mostly gone without painkillers though I have ended up feeling very tender and sore in the evenings when we have had a busy day. I have been able to shower alone which felt so good!

So far my scar seems to be healing well, I keep it clean with plain water and gently pat dry, make sure it gets some air regularly and leave it alone apart from that. I did the same with my other sections and managed to avoid scar infection, so fingers crossed it works again. 

I lost quite a bit of blood when Barney was born and the surgeons apparently gave me a pretty thorough clean out because of the infection that they found in my uterus and fallopian tube, which has meant that my blood loss has been far less than with my previous sections. People often don't realise you bleed with a c section but my own experience was of bleeding for 6 weeks each time so I am expecting a similar length of time again.

I'll be honest and say that i have found my recovery really frustrating this time. I feel like i tire so easily even though Barney is a pretty decent sleeper,  I am desperate to hoover but i have been banned, I want to be able to run around with the boys like normal and swing them around but they are just too heavy for me to lift right now, I have found it hard to not be sat on the floor playing with them as it is still awkward and sore to get back up again. I have been desperate for a long hot bubbly bath but I have been too tender to climb in and out of the bath (hoping for one this weekend though!). I know I will soon be able to do all of this again but I feel like I am missing out.
Although my c section wasn't planned I feel okay about it, I got to labour and I got to see and hear my baby being born, those things were really important to me.

As for how my body looks..well I am not even worrying about that right now. I am back into my normal clothes but I do have the horrible post c section stomach. I will start thinking about that in a few weeks!

If you would like to read my cesarean birth stories you can. My first was under general anaesthetic, my second was elective and my third was a failed vba2c and I was in theatre for around 3 hours due to complications. 

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