Wednesday, 13 April 2016

St Georges Day activities

It's St Georges Day on 23rd April and as I mentioned in my Spring Learning Plans it is something I wanted to cover this year. I don't remember ever learning about it at school.
We have had a couple of days where we are waiting around this week for the midwife and health visitor so I thought i'd set up some simple activities to keep the boys entertained.

As ever Twinkl is my go to website for resources, i find it so easy to find a whole host of suitable printables in one place and that it can be filtered according to your needs.

I dug out our Happyland castle, cut a lake shape from some craft felt and added a dragon, knight and princess and set it out alongside the following printables.
  • St Georges Day Story Sequence Cards
  • Knight and Castle colouring pages
  • St Georges Day board game (laminated)
  • St Georges Day word mat (laminated)
  • Shield printouts
The boys wanted to get started before we had even had breakfast but I managed to delay them until Barney was sleeping so that I could sit with them.
We started with the story sequence cards, Seb read the story out and me and Alex matched up the pictures and we acted the story our with our Happyland figures, Then we did some colouring, we talked about the knights suit of armour, and what it was made of and Seb was curious how people moved around in them. We visited the Royal Armouries in Leeds a few months ago so I reminded the boys of the armour we had seen there and showed them some photos of the armour we saw there including the horse armour and amazing elephant armour to remind them.
We then designed some shields using shiny sticky backed paper, Alex went for the minimal look whilst Seb filled pretty much every available space.
Then we played the board game, it is really simple and the boys love games at the moment so I played with them a couple of times and then they played together. I will definitely be printing out more of these themed board games in the future.

Seb asked to make a lap book like we had done at Chinese New Year, so we have made a start on one with these printables and will add more bits over the next few days.

How are you celebrating St Georges Day?

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