Sunday, 29 May 2016

5 things I miss about being pregnant

Pregnancy is an amazing time, I am in awe of the whole process to be honest and think that a womans body is pretty damn amazing to be able to grow an actual human being.
Of course even the most straightforward pregnancy can be hard work at times but there are some things I miss about being pregnant.

1. My shape. I love the changes that pregnancy makes to my body shape.All three of my pregnancies have seen me sport a pretty large bump and I seem to carry them all at the front.  I enjoy having a bump, and and dare I say it, I do feel sexy and attractive in an earth mother kind of way. 

2. My hair, skin and nails. One of the big perks of pregnancy is he extra shiny hair, glowing skin and strong nails. I did suffer with dry skin on my legs but facially my skin was lovely and clear. 

3. Baby kicks. From the first flutters where you aren't sure if you just imagine the feeling or if it really is the baby to the huge movements and somersaults later on baby kicks and movements are pretty magical, I loved lying in the bath watching my bump move all over and rippling the water. 

4. Eating for 2. Of course these days you aren't really meant to eat for 2, here in the UK it is recommended to eat an extra 200 calories just in the third trimester. However it is nice to be positively encouraged to eat an extra slice of cake!

5. The boys bonding. My third pregnancy was pretty special,  I was so excited to be giving the boys a brother and they were pretty excited too. I loved them talking to my bump,  kissing it and seeing their awe when they could see and feel the baby move inside of me.

What parts of pregnancy do you enjoy?

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