Saturday, 21 May 2016

Five things to do with outgrown clothes

Barney is now at the stage where he has outgrown quite a lot of clothes and as he is to be our last baby I have been thinking about what I want to do with them. I pretty much kept everything when the older boys were babies which has stood us in good stead as Barney has worn some clothes that both of his brothers wore plus his cousins before that. Here are five things you can do with outgrown baby clothes.

Sell them online If they are in good condition, branded items can sell really well. Of course there is eBay or but there are also Facebook groups both local, (great for selling bundles) or groups for specific brands or types of clothes. Remember to read the rules of the group before selling anything.

Sell them in person Another way to make a littke extra money. If you fancy selling face to face without the hassle of posting, why not try a car boot sale or an NCT nearly new sale.

Keep them If you are considering another baby in the future, why not buy some vacuum bags and keep your favourite items. I have loved seeing Barney wearing the clothes his brothers wore, it brings back so many memories. Even if you aren't considering another baby you might want to keep some particular favourites, my mum still has 2 baby dresses worn by my sister and me, I would have loved to have used them if I had ever had a daughter.

Make them into a memory keepsake Turn your favourite clothes into a keepsake. Memory quilts are lovely as are memory animals. If like me you having zero sewing ability, there are lots of amazing sellers out there,  one of my fellow November 2010 mummies makes amazing memory animals.

Donate them There are endless places to donate unwanted clothes., charity shops are the most obvious one but there are also women's shelters and some food banks take clothes in too.

What do you do with outgrown clothes?

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