Tuesday, 17 May 2016

I'm glad that I tried for a VBA2C

When it came to trying for a natural birth after 2 c sections, I encountered many many opinions both from friends and family to medical professionals. From those who were positive and encouraging to those who clearly thought I was doing the wrong thing, I heard it all.
Most people assumed I would be booked in for an elective section at 39 weeks and that would be that and I had lots of queries about why I wasn't happy to do that. Some people understood, others didn't. While there is nothing wrong with opting for a c section, it wasn't what I wanted.

I had the full support of the most important person and that helped me to stick to my guns and attempt to give birth vaginally. My pregnancy was uncomplicated and there seemed no reason not to give it a go. I was so excited to write my birth plan, to go into labour to have my baby born and put straight to my chest. I wasn't frightened of birth, nervous of course but not scared. When i got to full term I did everything I could to try and make sure Barney was in the right position and to encourage him to come naturally, lots of long walks and bouncing on my ball. I finally went into labour nearly a week after he was due and I was so happy and excited,  yes it was painful but the pain was means to an end.

Unfortunately it wasn't to be and Barneys birth ended up in a pretty frightening emergency c section after i failed to progress.

But (and it's a big but) I am so glad I tried. So glad that I gave Barney the chance to be born when was ready (2 weeks later than an elective section would have been),  so glad that i went into labour naturally, that I managed to progress to 6cm with no help, that I went for it. At the hospital i was told i was brave but consultants and midwives alike and that it was so rare for a mum to try for vba2c that everyone wanted to come and see me and to know out how I got on but I wasn't doing it for that, I wanted to experience a natural birth, I wanted to try, to give my body the chance and I did it.

So it may not have ended how I would have liked but I know that I would have regretted opting for an elective caesarean this time. I would have always wondered what if and if I had my time again I would still have done the same thing.

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