Sunday, 1 May 2016

One Month Old

Barney is now a month old! It really doesn't feel like a month ago that he was born at all. It makes me sad that his new baby days are already flying past although I am loving the changes in him at the same time.

We were signed off from the midwives last week, they kept us on their books a little longer than normal as Barneys cord took an epic 2 and a half weeks to fall off and they wanted to check it was okay. At 3 weeks he weighed in at a lovely 9lb 13oz so I guess he is over 10lb now. He is growing out of some newborn clothes and starting to go into 0-3months now, though his huge feet fill out everything!

He feeds every 3 and 4 hours, taking roughly 5oz of milk each time. We feed on demand but he seems to have settled into a pattern of having a feed around 11.30pm and then waking once in the night for milk and a nappy change and then back to sleep again until early morning, he does go back to sleep after that feed but of course the boys are then up so my day has started.

He doesn't have much of a pattern with his sleep in the day yet but has long snoozes and some lovely awake periods. He loves to be cuddled while sleeping but he will also go in the sling or be put down which makes things far easier.  When awake he is able to focus so well, lift his head really well as and hold it up and this last week he has started to enjoy going down on his play mat to stretch, have a kick and look around.  The boys love to bring him toys and show him books.
I am waiting for that first big milestone, those first smiles, he is trying so hard already, pulling all sorts of weird and wonderful faces at us.

At the end of my pregnancy the idea of going from two to three children felt a little bit daunting, but it has been a pretty smooth transition I thought we may experience jealousy from the boys as they are used to my constant attention but they have accepted him with no problems, Sebastian absolutely dotes on him and Alex is enjoying his status as big brother instead of the baby. I can already imagine the mischief my three boys will get upto together in the future.

Of course I have had days where I am tired, three children plus a c section recovery is tiring but overall I have found it easier than going from one child to two, perhaps the bigger age gap this time has made things a little easier and I am definitely more relaxed.

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