Painting with toys in the tuff spot

It's the time of year when our tuff spot comes out of it's winter hibernation in the shed and starts being used again.
I am currently trying to work my way through some of our craft stuff, I have so much that my huge cupboard and Trofast unit are bursting at the seams. So as I work through it I will no doubt be using the contents for some tuff spot fun over the coming weeks.

We woke up on Tuesday to a gorgeous sunny day so we decided to spend the morning in the garden and I set up a super easy tuff spot that anyone can do. We gathered a whole load of toys, some bright poster paints and a roll of newsprint paper that I was recently sent from Baker Ross.

I cut the paper to size and used masking tape to secure it in the tuff spot, the boys added their chosen toys and finally I squirted the paint into the edges and the boys set to work using their toys to paint with. I also made sure they had a tub of water to rinse off the toys in between colours.

They spent a whole hour painting and printing with the various toys. I think part of the fun was using their toys in a different way. Favourite toys for printing were sticklebricks, duplo and wooden blocks, the toy animals were walked through the paint and their footprints across the paper.  As I expected both boys loved running the vehicles through the paint and over the paper, we have done this before and I am sure will again.

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