Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Painting with Worms!

We are currently learning about minibeasts, one of those topics that is endlessly appealing to young children! Worms were first up and along with learning some facts about them we have also been painting with them! Before you get worried, no worms were harmed in the making of this post. Our worms were made of spaghetti.

This craft was so much fun and the boys got really stuck in and ended up covered in paint. It is most definitely process art enjoying the sensory aspect of the spaghetti and working with it in different ways.

I used ordinary dried spaghetti  partly cooked for around 3 minutes so it was soft and pliable but didn't break too easily when handled. I asked the boys to choose a couple of colours to use and they opted for pink and yellow.

At first the boys used one piece of spaghetti at a time, picking an individual strand and dragging it across the paper leaving a wormy trail. Then they got more daring and picked up whole handfuls of spaghetti using it to print on the paper and layering the colours together.

They realised mixing the colours together to make orangecontact proceeded to do just that and we were left with some very bright paintings.

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