Thursday, 12 May 2016

Salt Dough Minibeast Fossils

We are currently learning about minibeasts and as part of our topic we made some salt dough minibeast fossils.  Salt dough is so adaptable, it is one of those things I go back to time and time again.

It is so easy to makeband you most likely have the ingredients anyway; 1 cup of plain flour,  1/2 a cup of salt and 1/2 a cup of water added slowly until a dough is formed. If too sticky do more flour,  too dry add more water. So simple!

I have a collection of minibeast figures that I bought at Tropical World but we haven't really used them for anything before but they were perfect for this activity,

We simply shaped the salt dough into stone shapes and pushed the minibeast figures right into the dough(not deep enough to go right through) to ensure a detailed print. Remove the figures and you should have an imprint of your chosen minibeast.

Then we baked the salt dough in the oven on the lowest heat for a couple of hours, they still weren't fully hard but as the weather has been pretty warm we left them to finish going hard in the sunshine.

Once they were ready we painted them, Seb mixed all of his colours together to make varying browns to paint them in.

I am pleased with how they turned out, they would make very cute paperweights or to be used in a small world set up.

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