Sunday, 8 May 2016

Talk to the bump

One of the things I really enjoyed about my third pregnancy was seeing the boys bond with my bump. From feeling the baby kick, to watching feet poke out to talking away to their little brother., it was really fun to see how exciting they found the whole process.

It must be rather confusing for children to witness a huge sphere rapidly emerging from the mother's stomach, and weirder still to hear there is another child in there. So when Sudocrem, who have been caring for families since 1931, asked mums from all over the country to report the funny things kids say to their unborn siblings it was no surprise to uncover some priceless alternative theories. 

Senior Brand Manager for Sudocrem Nick Lang was more than happy with the results. “We wanted to capture the special relationship that small children have with a new baby even before it’s born. Toddlers say all sorts of things and some of these are practical pieces of advice and some just make you want to laugh out loud. 

The campaign, ‘Talk to the Bump’ was launched on Facebook across the UK and drew a huge response from mums nationwide. See below for the top toddler Talk to the Bump quotes. 

Funny Things Kids Say To The Bump
  • Do you have your own fridge and TV in there?
  • Doctor can put his hand down mummy’s mouth and pull you out.
  • When you’re borned you can go and live with Nana ok?
  • Don’t kick Mummy tonight, she has to get her beauty sleep.
  • I can hear you farting!
  • I can’t believe it, Mam’s only gone and ate you!
  • Even though you’re a boy, I won’t pinch you when you’re here.
  • Go away back to your home!

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