Wednesday, 18 May 2016

We Made Me Wuti Wrap

When I found out I was pregnant this time I knew I wanted to babywear as much as possible. I don't drive so walk alot and Seb and Alex both like to hold my hands and to be honest I am happier that way as we often have to walk along busy roads, obviously a pram would mean they couldn't do that. I also use buses regularly and a pram on public transport can be a nightmare,  if there are already prams on you need to fold yours down or wait for the next bus, if it is really busy you have to push your way through the scrum of people stood in the aisle plus my bigger 2 like to sit at the back and I can't leave them up there while I stand at the front with a pram. So babywearing just seemed the most practical option for us.
I have dabbled in baby wearing before, I used a carrier with Seb for a short while and I used a stretchy wrap a few times with Alex but to be honest  I never really got the hang of it and gave up pretty early on.
This time i have stuck with it so far, Barney is now 6 weeks old and we have only used the pram out in public once, the rest of the time he has been in a sling,

A couple of months ago while I was overdue with Barney I was tagged in a Facebook post by We Made Me (formally Babaslings) who were looking for parents to honestly review their new wraps and slings. I applied and was lucky enough to be selected.

I was sent a We Made Me Wuti wrap in Midnight Black to try.

The Wuti wrap is a stretchy breathable woven wrap designed to be used from 8-35lb. It is particularly suitable for those first few months of a baby's life where they want to be close to you.

The wrap arrived really well packaged. It comes in a sturdy tube which We Made Me suggests can be used as a keepsake box, inside the tube is a mesh bag which contains the wrap. Again the bag can be reused as a nappy bag or similar on days out. Along with the wrap is a detailed instruction booklet.

The wrap itself is generously sized, so can be used by people of all shapes and sizes, i am short and curvy and Phil is tall and slim and both of us can use it without issue. The generous size also means that there is plenty of room for your baby to grow.

I was a little apprehensive about putting the wrap on correctly as my other carrier does not need tying but thanks the frankly fabulous instruction manual I actually found it really easy to work out and was able to put it on and get Barney in with minimal fuss.

One of the big selling points of the Wuti wrap for me is the mesh fabric, it is light and breathable. One of my worries around babywearing is of Barney getting too warm as we are getting into summer. However despite wearing him on a warm day at the beach i was pleased that he didn't get too hot at all. This will definitely be worn throughout the summer for that reason alone.

I have found the wrap very comfortable to wear, having worn it for several hours at a time I haven't had any issues with comfort or with the material sagging. Barney also seems pretty comfy,  he pretty much sleeps the whole time he is being worn!

I am so pleased we got the chance to try the Wuti wrap, it is a fab product and we are really enjoying using it.  I am interested to see how we get on with it as Barney gets a bit bigger.

**I received a wrap for the purpose of giving an honest review, all opinions are my own**

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