Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Baker Ross Summer Craft Items

As part of our recent Baker Ross Blogger parcel we received some of their summer craft items to try.

Paper is one of the consumables that we use lots of in this house so this Newsprint Paper Roll was a great product that for our family, 50 metres of paper ready to roll out and be used for drawing, painting and more. This is great for outdoors as it can be rolled out across a table or the ground to make a big canvas to get creative with, it would also be exceed for an easel. We used ours in the tuff spot for our painting with toys activity and there is so much left over for more fun.

I love the Unicorn Ceramic Coin Banks (£2.95 for 2), I am a bit of a suckered for unicorns and these are very cute, they are plain and we used some Brilliant Porcelain Paint Pens (£9.99 for 5) to decorate them. These paint pens are excellent, so easy to use and we will definitely be using them again over the summer perhaps to decorate some mugs or plates. The coin banks are in the boys room filling with pennies.

I was curious when i saw that Stone Clay (400g for £3.99) had been included in our box. I decided to use it to make a tic tac toe game for the boys. The clay was easy to work with I simply made up round counters and left them out to air dry which took around during 24 hours. They dried# really well and look so stone like it is amazing. I split into two and added spots of paint and used some chalk to mark out a grid. I love the natural look of the stone clay. There is so much that this could be used for, With the leftover clay I have made up some rocks to add to our small world play.

Stone clay baker ross

The final product we received was these shark water squirters (£1.80 for 4) perfect for warm days in the paddling pool or as a bath toy these are the kind of little treat toy that really appeal to children. They would make great party bag fillers too!

Baker Ross shark squirters

What crafts will you be getting up to over the summer?

Family Fever
**We received these craft items asuch part of the Baker Ross Blogger Network but all opinions are my own**

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