Friday, 3 June 2016

Barney at two months old

Earlier this week Barney turned two months old. I know I always say how quickly time flies past but this time it seems to be passing even more quickly as I am so busy looking after all 3 boys. I love writing baby updates as they change so quickly at this age and it is so easy to forget all the little day to day things.

Barney weighed in at 12lb 10 last time he was weighed, he is wearing 0-3 months or 2-4 months in H&M clothes, he is stretching out some of his 0-3 things though so I have the 3-6 months bits ready for him to go into. He is quite a chubby boy and is as big as his 5 month old cousin. He currently takes between 5 and 6oz per feed and has 6 or 7 bottles a day, I still feed on demand.

He is full of smiles and gurgles and coos away(often at nothing), this week while he was on his play gym i put a mirror at the side of him and he stared at the reflection for ages. He absolutely adores the boys and loves to lie and watch them play and gets really excited, it must be so stimulating for him seeing them and their brightly coloured toys. Luckily they love him to pieces too.

We have been so lucky with his sleep. He started sleeping through the night at 7 weeks. He tends to have one long nap in the day around 3 hours or so and a couple of catnaps around that. In the evening he will have a bottle then some awake time while we eat dinner and i get the boys to bed and then have a bottle at around 8pm and either fall asleep drinking it or be all sleepy so we have started putting him into his crib at this time. I never did this with the other boys  so young but he is ready for bed at that time and will sleep through until 5 or 6am, have some milk and have a bit more sleep for an hour or 2.  I am sure we will have sleepless nights to come but for now I am enjoying it.

  • His play gym
  • Bath time
  • Being sung too
  • His brothers
  • Milk!
  • Being in the sling

  • Tummy time!
  • Loud noises or shouting

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