Saturday, 25 June 2016

Bottle Top Caterpillars

As part of our minibeast and butterfly work we of course looked at The Very Hungry Caterpillar, always a favourite. It is the first thing I ever bought for Seb when I found out I was pregnant and we have done various related crafts over the years plus a Very Hungry Caterpillar sensory tub. It is such a timeless story.
I have recently been clearing out my craft stash and found that I had a tonne of milk bottle tops, the boys love them just to play with but I thought I would use a few of them to create a very simple hungry caterpillar picture. This is super simple and quick which means it is ideal for younger toddlers although my boys(3 and 5) enjoyed it too.

The very hungry caterpillar craft,

I set the bottle tops out in a tray with red and green poster paints and the boys used the bottle tops to print circles to make a caterpillar. I made sure the book was to hand to use as a guide when the boys were printing their caterpillars. Using a little yellow paint the boys added eyes with their fingerprints.
Once dry the boys added features and legs with Sharpies. I love how Sebs looks really shocked and Alexs looks very cross indeed!

The very hungry caterpillar craft

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