Thursday, 30 June 2016

My best new baby buys

Let's face it, new babies don't really need an awful lot of things, but buying baby items is so exciting and most of us do get sucked into buying items that end up being used once and forgotten about. I certainly did, particularly first time around.
Now Barney is three months old(how did that happen?!) I thought I would share my best new baby buys. Some are practical, some are pretty but I love them all.

Chicco Next to Me Crib I absolutely love this co sleeping crib, babies love to be close to you and after cosleeping with Alex most nights for over 3 years we thought a cosleeping crib would be a good investment, after looking at the available ones we opted for the Chicco Next to Me as it is a great size and I had an inkling I would have a long baby. We have it attached to our bed with the side down and Barney has been settled in it since we came home from hospital. I love that he is right next to me and if he stirs at night I can just pop my hand on him and he calms, it made life easy for night feeds too.
I love that it folds down for travel and have taken it away with us twice already.  I can't imagine him not being there next to me now and i am going to be so sad when he outgrows it!

Milton Cold Water Steriliser Of the various sterlisers we have tried the Milton Cold Water Steriliser wins hands down and so many other experienced mums feel the same,  there is a reason it is still around after all these years and why they are used in hospitals. It is the most simple thing ever but so practical! Simply fill with water add a Milton tablet and pop your bottles or other bits in, you can add bits in and take bits out throughout the day without the faff of having to re sterilise everything each time. After 24 hours change the water(you can use the old water to wipe down the kitchen or anything else). It is also great for travel too and I see that they now sell a solo version which looks really handy.

Mama Designs Cellular Blanket I have a thing for baby blankets, we have so many particularly as the big two were winter babies. I wanted a couple of new ones for Barney and while pregnant I discovered Mama Designs over on Instagram and ordered one of her fabulous cellular blankets right away. We have some bright cellular blankets that I dyed myself but I just love this one, it is huge, warm and gets so many compliments.

Funky Giraffe Bibs When Alex was small bandana bibs were just becoming a thing, these dribble bibs are everywhere now but Funky Giraffe are still among the best, I love the designs and the price is great too. Barney has a few but is now getting morw dribbly so I need to invest in some more.

Nappies I love my cloth nappies, we have a pretty big stash from using them with Alex but I did buy a few smaller ones to use this time as Alex didn't wear them from birth and birth to potty are generally a big big for newborns. I went for Tots Bots Bamboozles with wraps and a few teenyfits to go along with the nappies we already owned,  the teeny fits were okay until Barney was around 4-6 weeks old, the Bamboozles are still fitting him although on the biggest rise now. Although I have plenty of nappies I am considering trying the new Eayfit Star and a Happy Mat, the prints are so lovely!

Close Caboo I was adamant that I wanted to babywear more this time around. I did lots of research and found that the Close Caboo was widely recommended for a newborn and was easy to use. I was very sore after my section but I was able to baby wear fairly quickly and as promised the Caboo is very easy to use and comfortable too and I am happy knowing that Barney is in a natural position.   I also have a We Made Me Wuti wrap which I was sent to try out and I love that too, you can see my thoughts on that in my review.

Coconut Oil This is definitely the product of the moment, you can use it for pretry much everything. Barney has dry patches of skin and a little cradle cap like many babies and I use coconut oil on him. I don't use any other products on him at all at the moment, just water in the bath and then a massage with coconut oil afterwards. I also use coconut oil on the bigger boys after baths and on my hair, on any scrapes, in cooking, the list goes on and on. I personally like Lucy Bee Coconut Oil.

So those are my best new baby buys, what are yours?

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