Thursday, 9 June 2016

Open Farm Sunday 2016

This weekend saw us heading to a nearby farm for open Farm Sunday. If you haven't heard of Open Farm Sunday before it is an annual event where farms across the UK open their doors for free to show what it is like to be a farmer and the kind of work they do.

We visited Green End Farm in Wakefield, we also went here for the event last year too and it was fantastic so we were keen to go back again(plus they have a lovely farm shop). I was pleased to see that the weather was going to be nice as there had been some rainy days last week.

We got there early, the sun was out and the farm was already filling up, we parked and headed over. At the entrance the boys were given free stickers and we headed up for a walk around the fields to see the cows and sheep. Alex is still a bit nervous about big animals so he was a bit scared of the cows!

The boys then spotted the straw mountain in one of the fields and were keen to go and climb it so we did that before heading down the massive display of farm machinery old and new. Of course the boys loved it particularly as they were able to climb into many of the tractors and pretend to drive. The sheer size of some of the machines is pretty amazing particularly the combine harvester. There were signs by each machine to tell you what they do which is handy as to be honest even as an adult I had no idea about some of them!
Both boys loved an old diesel tractor which had its engine on and they were able to sit and drive it (with the handbrake on!), very exciting to small children! 

From there we headed round to the farmyard where we're there were some rather smelly pigs to see, some more tractors to climb into and a barn where we planted seeds, saw week old chicks, petted lambs and donkeys and looked at where our food comes from. Seb liked seeing the set up showing broccoli from seed to plant.

By now it was lunchtime and we had to head off as we had plans, on the way out we made a donation on the gate and the boys were given a baseball cap each.
Open Farm Sunday is such a fantastic event that allows you and your children to learn more about food and farming.  Everyone we met was so friendly and keen to talk about their work. It really is a whole family event from babies to grandparents. I already have next year's date in my diary. 

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