Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Our Summer home education plans

Now the weather is warming up and we have had some gorgeous days my thoughts are drifting to our learning plans for the summer. Home educating means that our learning never really stops, because we don't sit doing work for several hours daily the line between learning and life is blurred. While some home educators do take breaks during school holidays, many like us just carry on as normal. I love that we are able to take advantage of the good weather by taking our learning outside or heading out for the day, this is what I meant when I blogged about the freedom of home education.

Our spring plans went well and we covered everything i had hoped too, the boys absolutely loved learning about minibeasts(I will be blogging more about this soon). We are currently learning about butterflies and waiting for it to be time to harvest our potatoes and for our peas and sunflowers to grow. We are also growing some bean plants and measuring them daily and plotting their growth on a graph. Despite having a baby in March and being quite poorly, I have still been able to do plenty with the boys, it helps that Barney is a pretty easy baby! Of course a new baby has been a learning experience in itself, we have had plenty of talks about babies and how they are born and the boys have learnt all about what babies need to grow and learn and how they can help with that by reading, talking and playing with Barney and Seb is often found reading to him which is lovely plus great reading practice for him.
Our trip away to the coast saw some unplanned learning about wind power as we saw lots of huge wind turbines close to where we stayed cue long discussions about them while in the car. A perfect example of learning just by living our life.

Over the summer I have a couple of topics I want to look at, things that the boys are already interested in and that we can delve into further. Dinosaurs and Transport!

Dinosaurs are a great topic. I can see us having so much fun with this and I am actually pretty excited to cover it. We have loads of dinosaur figures which regularly feature in bathtime play so I am looking forward to using them in different ways, Twinkl have a huge range of dinosaur printables many of which I have ready and waiting to be used. I have some fun outdoor activities planned and I am sure we will watch some films ando TV programmes on the topic on rainy days.

Transport is one of those topics that both boys have been interested in forever. Phils mum has a book at her house called 1001 things that go and it is a running joke that she has to read through it with the boys every single time they go there. From trains to cars to fire engines and boats they are fascinated with things that move so I think they will love exploring the topic further and doing some fun transport themed activities. Of course that means a trip to a couple of museums too and a train ride is on the cards, we tend to go everywhere by car or bus so going on the train is something good different.

Smaller plans for the summer include farm visits, den building, maybe another trip to the seaside and we will be doing some summery cooking too, including quiche making and making our own ice lollies of course. Seb will also take part in the nationwide summer reading challenge through our local library. I want to spend as many sunny days outside as possible.

Seb would have started formal schooling last September and it feels strange that we already one academic year into our home education journey.  I have always said we would take home education one year at a time and see how we all feel, at this moment in time I can't up even imagine sending Seb to school or Alex to nursery come September so it looks like we are home educating for a while yet!
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