Monday, 13 June 2016

Our weekly meal plan 13/6

Happy Monday Meal Planners! It has so warm and sticky up here in Yorkshire.

Yet again last week went pretty well until the end of the week. This week I must do better! I have a fairly easy week planned so it should be simple enough go stick to the plan. Our freezer is full to bursting again at the moment so I am hoping this week's meals will free up a bit of space.

Monday Homemade bacon and cheese quiche with wedges and salad

Tuesday Homemade Burgers with sweet potato fries and peas

Wednesday Pizza, garlic bread and salad

Thursday BBQ chicken pasta

Friday Chicken and Sweet Potato Korma with naan

Saturday Pasta and pesto

Sunday BBQ sausages with mash and veg

Why not join in with our weekly meal plan blog hop? I would love to read what you are eating this week, just add your

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