Monday, 20 June 2016

Our weekly meal plan 20/6

Happy Monday Meal Planners! It's that time of the week again already. The weeks really are flying past, next week it will be July!

Last week we did well, the only thing going I didn't make was the curry, I just don't fancy it at the moment so I am not rolling it over to this week. I seemed to spend quite a bit on food this past week, despite not needing anything, a couple of trips to M&S didn't help, I can't resist the lure of their food hall. Plus I managed to buy a whole load of food when I popped to the shop for some blueberries.
My quiche went down well, both boys had seconds and when I was cooking our bbq pasta, Sebastian came to the kitchen to tell me how nice it smelt, high praise indeed from a 5 year old boy!

Our food shopping is being delivered today, I have stuck with using Morrisons recently, the fresh produce is great and I rarely have any substitute or missing items plus the drivers are always prompt and friendly. I promise that isn't an advert for them!

This week's plan is a mixture of meals requested by Phil and the boys (can you guess which meal the 3 year old requested?).

Monday Fish pie

Tuesday Chinese chicken curry with noodles

Wednesday Macaroni cheese (I have some leeks which I will probably add into this

Thursday Steak burgers, chips and salad

Friday Slow cooker spag bol

Saturday Picnic style tea 

Sunday Chicken nuggets, potato waffles and veg

Unfortunately the Meal Planning Monday linky is no longer running, but the good news is the meal planning is carrying on in the form of a blog hop. Why not join us?

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