Monday, 13 June 2016

Preparing children for a new baby

Preparing children for a new baby can be a pretty daunting task. A new baby is so exciting and when we had our 12 week scan with Barney I was bursting to tell the boys our news, I knew they would be excited but I was also aware that it is hard for young children to understand the reality of a new baby. We have been very lucky and haven't experienced any issues or jealousy(yet), I was expecting some to be honest it has been fine so far.

For me talking is the most important thing to help prepare your children for the new arrival. We talked about the new baby often, about how big they would be each week and what they would be like and what they would need when born. We looked at photos of the boys as babies. On the flip side I did try to make sure that not everything was about the baby and that we still carried on doing our usual things.
As my due date got closer and the crib was put up and the clothes were being washed I involved the boys in helping me. They were amazed by the tiny clothes and loved seeing the ones that they had worn themselves as babies. 

Books are also a great starting point for learning about babies. There are just so many around now, our library has a huge selection which we exhausted during my pregnancy. Some are factual some are funny and some are sweet, we particularly enjoyed New Baby which feature breastfeeding, baby wearing and cloth nappies and There's A House Inside My Mummy. 
Games are a fun way of introducing all of the things a baby needs and there is an excellent printable new baby bingo game available on Twinkl. Orchard Toys also make a fab new baby lotto game for ages 2+.
Dolls, we have always had dolls as part of our toy collection and Alex in particular loves his baby and he treats it like a real baby, he even has a little wooden bed for her with bedding. He enjoys copying the things I do with Barney and it is very sweet to see so if you don't already have a doll I recommend one. We have a few but my favourites are the Ikea soft ones.

How have you prepared your children for a new arrival? 

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