Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Recovery from my third c section. 8 weeks on.

I first posted about recovery from my third c section back in April just 2 weeks post op. I was still feeling sore, tired and frustrated. I wanted to write another update now I am 8 weeks post op and unfortunately my recovery hasn't been smooth.

Around 3 or 4 weeks after my operation my wound started weeping and became red and inflamed and very sore again, similar to how it felt straight after my c section, it also(sorry for the tmi) smelt pretty gross. I ended up at the hospital having bloods and swabs taken and was sent home with a packed and dressed wound and some antibiotics. They seemed to help and I had several appointments with nurses to have my dressing changed and things seemed to be heading in the right direction.

Unfortunately I then had another infection and this time I had 2 lots of antibiotics to take alongside each other. During this time I was again very sore and I was getting tired so easily(though the antibiotics might have been to blame). I also felt pretty crappy generally and also down about my body, let's be honest nobody is going to be full of confidence when they have a smelly weeping wound!

I finished the antibiotics over a week ago now and so far so good. My wound seems okay,  I feel better and I am not so tired. I even felt like a drink at the weekend and had the champagne that I got when Barney was born. My usual way to relax and switch off is to have a long soak in the bath with a Lush product but I have had to avoid this and I have found it really hard not to have that hour to myself, but I have one planned for the weekend and I cannot wait!

As well as the physical recovery there is also the mental side to consider. My operation was pretty traumatic, I was terrified and on a couple of occasions I have found myself unable to sleep and in tears over it. Phil and I have had to talk about long term contraception options and of course there is the option of me being sterilised, even just talking about it made me so incredibly anxious and upset, the idea of having to be in hospital and under any form of anaesthetic fightens me now. I am hoping to be able to have a debrief and hopefully that will help me.

Because c sections are pretty common now, I think so many (including me) can underestimate how major an operation it is and the effects it can have on a woman. I recovered fairly easily from my first two but this time it has been a whole different experience.
My recovery has really felt like it dragged on and I am so glad to be feeling so much better physically. Certain movements still give me a twinge but I have had major abdominal surgery 3 times in 5 years so I guess it is to be expected really!

If you would like to read my cesarean birth stories you can. My first was under general anaesthetic, my second was elective and my third was a failed vba2c and I was in theatre for around 3 hours due to complications. 

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