Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Symmetrical Butterfly Paintings

Symmetrical butterfly paintings are a bit of an old school craft,  I bet most of us did this at nursery or school when we were children! As part of our recent butterfly life cycle work we looked at symmetry and these paintings are a great introduction to this idea for younger children and will cement the idea for those already familiar with symmetry. Plus it is always fun to get messy with paints!

These are so simple and give such lovely results that your children will be proud of.  All you need is paper and paints to get started.

Choose some paper and fold in half. I usually like to use coloured paper as I find that the boys tend to leave spaces between the paints and coloured paper looks pretty as a background.  Open up the paper and paint on one side, I make sure to encourage the boys to use a good amount of paint so that we have enough on the paper to get a good print.

Once happy with the painting, refold the paper along the same line and smooth over with your hand to helpmthe paint transfer before opening the paper up again. Tada you should now have a lovely symmetrical picture.

Leave to dry and cut into butterfly shapes. We have ours out on display at the moment  brightening up the kitchen.

If you like these Symmetrical Butterfly Paintings check out our Chinese New Year dragons which used the same technique.

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