Sunday, 31 July 2016

31 Activities for August

Tomorrow is August and as the summer stretches out ahead of us it can be hard to think of different ways to keep the little ones occupied. Here are 31 activities for August, one for every day this month. Some are for sunny days and others perfect for those inevitable rainy afternoons.

  1. Visit the library. Join in with the Big Friendly Read a summer reading scheme for school aged children, join in with craft sessions or simply borrow a book.
  2. Make ice cream sundaes, let the little ones go crazy with ice cream, sauces and sprinkles. 
  3. Have a colouring competition. Twinkl have some great printable colouring pages for both younger and older audiences. 
  4. Picnic with friends. Grab some friends, a ball and some games and head off for a picnic.  My boys love picnics wether it is in our local park or further afield. 
  5. Make fruity jelly. Make up your favourite flavour jelly and add lots of fresh fruit for a tasty treat. 
  6. Make Nature Suncatchers. I love these super easy suncatchers for toddlers
  7. Play Pokemon Go! Love it or hate it, Pokemon Go is the hottest game around right now. 
  8. It's Olympic year so why not make some Olympic ring art, I have printed out some colour sheets and we are also planning on doing this Olympic Ring printing
  9. See a film.  Check out new releases The BFG or Finding Dory or pop along to the children's screenings most cinemas offer showing slightly older films. 
  10. Wash the car.  Put small hands to work washing the car. Get them to wash their toys too.
  11. Rainbow bright baking, its summer so brightly coloured bwking is needed. Why not make rainbow cookies, marbled rainbow cakes or rainbow drop topped cakes. 
  12. Small world play. Make a dinosaur world or a farm or a zoo. Whatever floats your boat.  
  13. Make ice lollies. Homemade ice lollies are fun to make and you can make them as healthy(or not) as you like. My two are fond of crushed watermelon pops and natural yogurt combined with berries and frozen. 
  14. Go on a nature walk. Take along some paper and pencils to draw what you see or print out one of these fab summer nature walk worksheets. 
  15. Make smores. In the UK digestives seem to be the way to go to make smores, netmums have an easy guide om how to do it. 
  16. Use toys to paint with. We recently did this in our tuff spot but you can do it anywhere. 
  17. Rock painting. Make cute rock pets or just get creative and make your own designs. 
  18. If you don't fancy painting rocks why not make story stones instead using printable from Twinkl. 
  19. Float or sink science. The perfect experiment for outside in the paddling pool or a big bucket of water, use this printable table to chart your results. 
  20. Sidewalk chalk. You can pick up giant chalks in most poundshops, use them to decorate the floor outdoors. 
  21. Make garden Mandalas. How beautiful are these mandalas from Jennifers Little World?
  22. Tie dye. Brighten up pants,  vests and the shirts with tie dye. Dylon dyes have always given me great results. 
  23. Visit a museum. Most towns have a little museum and usually they ate free. Over the summermost also have fun children's activities to take part in. Check your local councilswebsite for more information.
  24. Make a fruit pizza, sweet pizzas are very on trend at the moment and this rainbow fruit pizza looks absolutely amazing. 
  25. Plant some seeds and watch them grow. Cress and beans are great quick growing plants for children. 
  26. Take indoor toys outside. Sometimes changing where a toy in located suddenly gives it a new lease of life. Try a car mat outside or wooden building blocks and diggers in the sandpit.
  27. Cloud watching, a classic summer activity, Seb absolutely loves doing this. 
  28. Make nature art. Create nature art by taking rubbings, using items from nature to create a collage or faces or use them as tools to paint with.
  29. Lego afternoon. Perfect for rainy afternoons or when it is just too hot to play outside. Build the biggest tower or add some challenge cards for inspiration. 
  30. Go hill rolling. Find a big hill and go rolling down, I dare you to join in and not be laughing. 
  31. Excavate toys from ice. Freeze some favourite toys in ice and give the children tools to help excavate it. We have done this with Lego and dinosaurs and my boys love it, warm salt water in a spray bottle speeds things up. 

I hope some of this list has taken your fancy. What plans do you have for August?

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