Monday, 4 July 2016

Barney at three months

Barney is 3 months old already. A quarter of a year. This month has seen his development take a huge leap, those newborn days are well behind us now.

Barney 3 months old, cat rattle  elephant toy, gap sunny vest

We finally had our 6 week check when he was 10 weeks old (after a mix up at the doctors surgery) and all was fine. His height was measured for the first time (they don't measure them at birth now) and he is up above the 91st centile line(and has outgrown his pram carrycot). He weighed 13lb 5 at 10 weeks, I haven't weighed him since but I guess he will be around 15lb now.  He is wearing 3-6 month and 4-6 month clothes and most aren't that big really though of course it varies by brand.
His eyes are still so blue and I am wondering if they will change or if I will have a blue eyed boy this time.  His has a little bald spot on the back of his head now from where he lays.
He had his first jabs at 10 weeks and while he was okay with the jabs themselves, we did have a difficult few days where he was unusually upset when awake, I am not looking forward to the next set later this week!

Barney 3 months old, gap sunny vest

He is still on 6oz bottles though does occasionally take 7oz and seems happy and settled on that amount, I still feed on demand.
His sleep is still fab, at night he still goes down in his crib at around 8 and sleeps until morning usually 6ish although we have had a few 4.30am wakings for milk but he goes back to sleep afterwards thank goodness. We are really lucky with how he sleeps so far. During the day he sleeps as and when he wants usually a couple of 30 minute cat naps plus a longer sleep with more and more awake time inbetween.

3 months old, Ikea cat rattle

He is so active and in the last week has learnt to roll from his back to his tummy and that he can wriggle himself from where I put him to wherever he wants to be. I am going to miss being able to put him down and him staying in the same spot and I am sure the big two will soon find their play being interrupted by their baby brother trying to join them.
When he has hold, of something it goes to his mouth and he has started chewing on his hands constantly along with dribbling lots, I am pretty sure we are at the start of teething already, it
seems so early as Alex didn't get his first tooth until he had turned 1!

He has also really found his voice and his coos have now become screeches and squeaks, it is so lovely watching him and the boys having 'conversations' together. He is super smiley and giggly even though as soon as I try to take a photo he turns into Mr Serious! He loves watching his brothers playing, he really concentrates on what they are doing and saves his biggest gummy grins for them.

He is at such a lovely age and I am definitely going to miss this stage when is passes,  at the same time I am looking forward to weaning and seeing him develop even more.


  • Being in the sling
  • Grabbing my hair/jewellery/clothes (I need to buy a twiddle necklace)
  • Music
  • Nappy free time


  • Waiting for milk
  • Being in the car at less than 30mph 
Barney 3 months old, chevron sheet, mummy is a blogger top, ikea cat rattle

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